Wednesday, 13 July 2016

4 Basic Things To Know On Becoming IOS Developer

Being an ios developer can be difficult majorly due to Apple INC restriction on developers, but this won't discourage someone to develop apps for ios. For Android operating system, there are tons of developer who develop and publish their apps on play store but such is very rare in Apple store.
Becoming IOS developer requires some basic things or tips one should know, before going into IOS Developer. The basic things is what i listed below.

3 basic things to know before becoming an ios developer

1) Have basic knowledge about iOS operatingoperating system. Do you know about iOS, be it IPhone or Ipad and having such with you will also help you a lot especially through exploring.

2) You need to know the foundation of iOS apps, the basic tools that is been used for developing iOS apps.

3) Programming. If you don't know programing or least have an idea about programming then you should think about becoming an ios developer or even a developer of an operating system. So before thinking about becoming a developer, then all the basic things about programming should be in your head.

4) Before developing any app, keep the users in mind. You can do that based on the age, gender, if it is for female make the interface to look feminine and also the pics.

These are the 4 basic things to bear in mind when planning to become an ios developer and if you succeed in it, there's a lot of gain involved in it.



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