Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Major Reasons Why Nigerians are not using Netflix

When Netflix was launched in Nigeria, my mind was telling me that it will be a failure in this country, and i think i got it right as i have never seen anyone talk about Netflix in Nigeria. Though when Netflix was launched, there was a lot of noise made about it but as times goes on, you can barley see anyone talked about Netflix in this country.

One might be thinking why Nigerians are not into Netflix or probably why many are not using it, below are the reasons.

Reasons Why Nigerians are not using Netflix 

#1 Cost of internet data coupled with high cost of living. The very first major reason why Netflix is a Failure in Nigeria is because of the high cost of internet data. Most developed countries use WiFi network to stream or browse, but right here in Nigeria, is all about mobile internet data and though etisalat and Co offered a stream data bundle plan, but that isn't enough.

#2 We Nigerians love free things. A typical Nigerian wouldn't like to spend a buck on mobile stuff like apps, games or streaming. Will i say this is due to cost of living as things are hard in this country and one wouldn't even dare to pay to stream on mobile or pc or maybe we don't value things like Netflix unless it is dstv or ctl type.

#3 Free stream apps. There's so many free stream apps for Android and iOS, thus making the likes of Netflix and other paid stream apps not to sale in the country. Who would like to pay to Netflix to watch game of Thrones Season 6 where show box, movie HD etc are showing it for free. Mtn break the heart of many Nigerians when they blocked their bb10 bis which was used to stream on these apps for free.

#4 Dstv and other satellite TV.

When you look at these three major reasons, then you wouldn't argue or to think the reason why Nigerians are not using Netflix in this country. Though some are using it, but majority are not especially in this situation we find ourselves, though am praying for things to get better starting from internet data becoming a lot cheaper for us. Would also love to hear your thoughts on this thanks.

  1. I use Netflix i pay 7$ for one-month just that i use at night only

  2. You are very right

    Can't pay for Netflix and pay for data i will use and watch it, when i have lot of free options

  3. I don't even stress myself over Netflix,no data for it jare.Would rather download and watch later.


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