Saturday, 4 June 2016

Transformers: Earth Wars Now Available on Android

Transformers: Earth Wars Now Available on Android

Popular movie Transformers: Earth Wars arrives on Android platform, base-building real-time strategy game that pits your favorite robots against each other in an epic battle for planet Earth. The Autobots are fighting to keep the world safe, and the Decepticons are all about that sweet, sweet world domination.

When you begin a game, you’ll have to choose which side you’re fighting for. Resultingly, you’ll begin with either Optimus Prime or Megatron as your lead character. From there you’ll begin building a team to do battle with your enemies. There are over 40 different Transformers to choose from.

Transformers: Earth Wars is free to download but comes with in-app purchases ranging from $.99 to $99.99 per item. Click the button below to snag it from the Play Store, then hit the comments to let us know what side you’ll be fighting for in the battle to come!

Features of Transformers Earth Wars Apk 

● Stunning 3D graphics and animations bring the characters to life in the app; check them out in the showroom!
● Global chat and alliance features make it a multiplayer experience worth fighting for!
● Choose your side, the battle is in your hands!
  1. Hope d game is not paid...well D best game of this week is still . Brothers Tales of twi son's.

  2. Another food for game lovers

  3. Gamers flex o....
    I wish I was one of em

  4. Not for someone like me,game buffs would sure enjoy this.


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