Saturday, 11 June 2016

Taking A Look At The Airtel 2GB For N200 And 4GB For N500 Data Plans

Airtel 2gb for N200 and 4gb for N500 data bundle plan 

Airtel two days ago announced another cheap data bundle of 2gb for N200 and 4gb for N500 and i was amazed when i saw it on the twitter page but really doubted it based on what i know with our isp providers.

Do you believe that airtel can give you 2gb for N200 valid for 14 days and also same 4gb data for N500 valid for 28 days?, while their normal data bundle goes for 1.5gb for N1000 and 3.5gb for N2000. Today i decided to subscribe to it, to watch Euro 2016 with it as I'm using mtn 500mb night plan to watch Copa América Centenarian.

Yes of course i bought extra airtel sim and subscribed for 2gb for N200 and 4gb for N500 respectively and i tell you i wasn't surprised at the result i got. Airtel 2GB for N200 is piece of garbage or let me say etisalat chat pack, while the 4gb for N500 is Etisalat social pack.

I couldn't stream euro 2016 featuring Switzerland vs Albania as it was very slow because one can't use it on 3G network, available only on 2G network which is Edge(E). You can't imagine that airtel isn't fast in my area with 3G, then imagine what 2G will be like.

Airtel 2gb for N200 and 4gb for N500 is only available on 2G network but the restricted the speed to highest 45kbs while 2G can give you upto 250kbs. My LG g2 d802 on mtn 2G is around 150kbs but airtel 2GB for N200 and 4gb for N500 is around 35kbs and 45kbs speed.

But if you still interested and want to test yours and confirm it then below is the code.

How To Subscribe for airtel 2GB  for N200 and 4GB for N500 data bundle plan 

To subscribe for Airtel 2GB for N200 or 4gb for N500, have N200 or N500 on your sim and dial *482# valid for 14 days and 28 days.

Note this isn't for downloading as it is restricted to 2G network and even which is not up to 256kbs it should be under 2G network but rather the speed is just between 30-50kbs. I haven't noticed any data zapping yet and with a dual sim phonephone or tablet, this airtel 2gb for N200 or 4GB for N500 data plan will be good for surfing the net only and other data plan like mtn start pack or hourly time plan for downloading, unless you have got a lot of patience to download with the new airtel data plan.



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  1. Cai!not interested at all,2G ?no no no,this one no be my type gbam

  2. The plan is so stupid. Just waiting for my mtn to realease their own.

  3. Pelumi, Just because you don't fancy it doesn't make it stupid. A lot of people would actually prefer it as it's cheap and affordable, especially if the network is good wherever they are. No be everybody dey drink data

  4. Very slow

    Is mtn startpack still functioning?

  5. Mr. Admin sir. Pls how can one see the remained data pls?

  6. Kabeji dial *123*10# to check your data bundle.

  7. Lol @ Saleem's comment.. Airtel though.. 😁

  8. If i put my sim in a 2G network phone and put it back in my 4G network phone. Will it work perfectly?