Thursday, 23 June 2016

Download Best Psiphon 113 Handler Apk For Android Device

Dzebb launched this psiphon 113 Handler two months ago and according to him, this version is very stable with little issues of disconnecting and the others. Psiphon 113 handler is fast to connect though i don't see any difference with it and the other psiphon handlers so far.
This is exactly like psiphon handler pro lite, same country servers and no other changes and due to the fact that no one is using etisalat smart pack tweak, one can't tell if truly this version is stable as said. If you want to add psiphon handler 113 to the collection of other psiphon handlers installed on your device then go ahead and download it below.

Psiphon 113 handler settings with mtn 

Am making this post for new commers as someone asked me a question through my email address that what is psiphon handler and how to use it with mtn game plus.

Psiphon 113 handler is a tunnel vpn used to hide your identity(ip) and to bypass network restriction. You can use it or other vpn to access countries which you are not able to access here in Nigeria. While psiphon handler is a modded version of psiphon, which is meant for tweaking. That is you can use it to power all internet apps on your device for free.

For example, this mtn game plus 150mb is meant to buy games or play games, but with these tunnel handlers like psiphon handler, NetLoop VPN, openvpn connect or http injector one can use the 150mb on all internet apps installed in his or her phone. I hope this is clear.

To set this mtn game plus 150mb to power your Internet apps, download psiphon handler and set it this way.

>>> open psiphon handler 113.
>>> Go to proxy type and select real host.
>>> in proxy server input
>>> real proxy type select http or inject
>>> stop psiphon handler from connecting and click option and more options.
>>> tick connect through http proxy and tick use the following settings.
>>> in host address input and port 8080.
Press back, exit the psiphon handler 113 and reconnect again. But first you must get the mtn game plus 150mb by sending GM to 2200.

If you have any questions on this game plus 150mb, feel free to ask.

Download psiphon 113 Handler apk 

If you are interested in this psiphon handler, download it below. 

Psiphon 113 handler apk



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