Friday, 3 June 2016

MTN StartPack: Where 500% Bonus Gives You 1.5GB Data For N100 Or More


MTN startpak is now the best package any mtn subscribers should migrate to, as it gives a huge bonus of 500% on all your recharge within a six(6) months period. A recharge of N100 airtime , gives you N600; N200 gives you N1,200; N500 gives you N3,000; N1,000 gives you N6,000.

My main talking points is the 500% bonus which you can use it to make calls or browse the net, and with 500% bonus you can get up to 1.5gig data on a mere recharge ofof N100.

Features and benefits of mtn StartPack 
» You’ll receive 500% bonus airtime to call any network in Nigeria (valid for 3 days)
» You’ll be able to browse the internet with your bonus airtime
» You’ll receive 10MB when you recharge with N200 and above (Valid for 2 days)
» You will receive the 500% bonus on ALL your recharges for a period of 6 months.
» After 6 months you will stop receiving the bonus on your recharges and the system will automatically migrate you to MTN BetaTalk tariff plan.

How to Migrate to mtn StartPack 
» Get a new MTN sim card
» Recharge your new line with *555*pin# and your account will be credited with 500% bonus airtime in a dedicated account.
» To check your bonus airtime and data dial *559*17#.

Note i will advise you to go to any mtn office and ask for mtn StartPack sim card to get better resultsresults which is the 500% bonus on calls and internet. I just confirmed it 100% working right now and posting with it and my airtime still intact.

Again i want to use this opportunity to thank all those concerned as what really happened that i haven't updated this site, thethe likes of olawale, obi, ekene, sucre, Steve, uju zita etc. Thanks guys for your concern, i was down but now a bit okay.

This mtn StartPack is another way to get cheap data to download or browse and please i will recommend you to get up to 3 new mtn sim cards and activate this package and with N100 on the threethree sims, you can get up to 4gb data for N300. Go out and get new mtn sim card or probably mtn StartPack if you got to see any and active it and enjoy but don't forget to use the share buttons below to send it to your friends.



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  1. Please what is the duration of the 1.5gb for browsing asin how many days will it last?

  2. @Amaechi long time. I wanted to post dis as usual but my area network is bad. Well feels gud to be back bro

  3. Wat i dont undastand about the smart pack is dat. Are u going to use the 500% bonus dey giv to u ti browse

  4. @iluobe maximum of 3 to 5 days if it is N100 to N500 recharge but from N1000 recharge it is more than a week and your airtime won't be deducted for a bit.

    @pelumi yes, you can use it for data or for calls. I used the 500% to browse and download, it gave me 1.5gb in total.

  5. Dy go soon block sis thing now...must u niggas post everything???chei

  6. Can u use de 500% to buy data bundle??

  7. @anon you got me cracking buahahaha. Please brother, log on to mtn website and scroll to startpack and you will see it and also the 500% bonus for calls and internet. Please this isn't a cheat as it last for six months.

  8. George the 500% bonus is for internet data and calls not to buy data.
    If you recharge N100 you get the 500% bonus on calls and internet data.

  9. Let me go buy a new mtn sim card

  10. Yea, the startpack is Really good and another good side of it is that you can roll over your bonus by recharging again before the expiration of your bonus.

    It is good to hear that you're okay@Amaechi

  11. I dont still understand you use 500 naira to download files up to 1.5gb

  12. Pelumi if you recharge N100 or more, you will be given 500% bonus to make calls or browse the net. The more calls you make, the 500% bonus will reduce or if you browse it will reduce too. I used the first sim to download 670mb file and it remains 110% bonus. Sometimes it might not reach 1.5gb data.

  13. Chisooo this is big bonus awofe make I sharply try ham GeeksNG

  14. It's working kul...
    Buh it's the 1.5 gb part I don't get
    I use it for calls alone

  15. Hello guys it good to hv u bk bro ,just wana share an Mtn cheat with u guys...the Mtn game+ 150 MB is bk...just wana if boss can Gv me go ahead

  16. @mike go ahead, am not that 100% for full blogging. Anything you got please share it bro cause sharing is caring thanks.

  17. @michael CEO don giv u go head oo.

  18. @amaechi i think d guy is talking about mtn game plan..Sending GM to 2200 through Sms den change proxy to ip:

  19. Good to have you back Amaechi.

    I bet after this their latest one,they will still introduce another and that would mean,one keeps getting new sims to enjoy their freebies.

  20. Start pack is longer lasting as longer as it used to...
    I think it's now with 100 that 500 given is now just 50mb, data wise... Noticed it yesterday
    200 for 1000 gives 100mb data wise
    Who else has noticed it

  21. Start pack is no longer reliable,they just zap my 500 naira bonus