Friday, 3 June 2016

How Is Glo N1000 For 2GB, N2000 For 6GB And N2500 For 10GB Data Plans

Is very glaring that Glo is trying to lure people or get customers to their network with a very cheap data bundle plans, where one can get 10gb for N2500 and 24gb for N5000.

There's no doubt that these Glo data plans are tempting but with Glo poor network, it is a major drawback for some people with or without 3g network. After our network data revisit, i noticed that 3.5gb data plan can't even last for 3 weeks, and Glo isn't an exemption.

Have you subscribed to the new Glo extra cheap data plans, how is their data plans?. Does it zap that is 10gb data for N2500 but in the real sense 4gb data N2500. I want to recommend this to some people for their project and wants to be sure if it's real.

List of new extra cheap Glo data plans 

N1,000 for 2GB
N2,000 for 6GB
N2,500 for 10GB
N3,000 for 12GB
N4,000 for 18GB
N5,000 for 24GB
N8,000 for 48GB
N15,000 for 60GB
N18,000 for 90GB

To subscribe to any of your desired Glo data bundle plans, dial *777# and follow up with the one you want and also make sure you have the required airtime on your sim.

Note this GLO data plans works for 30 days and all device.

  1. Glo network is not stable in my area,i dont think i ll ever use this

  2. Wow to cool. But it's just dat deir network is too slow.. @Amaechi remember wen u said u will make it up to me by month ending?

  3. It's a welcomed development
    Buh it's just the zapping I'm scared of I just got a new Sim and phone
    I'll try it tho
    Feels good to be back

  4. The glo data is cool but their network is not, i can't subscribe for data that will make me want to smash my phone

  5. The other networks won't be bothered about glo pulling customers cos dem no say Glo no follow

  6. Pelumiii i forgotten oo, but don't worry i will make it up with you by next week.

  7. Haha no problem Bro. Till nexy week den.

  8. Glo is ok. network is stable. But brethen. They sip , suck and zap with speed. #regret

  9. A nice one from Glo but can they sustain it,is another.It is not by luring customers to their network but keeping them satisfied.


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