Sunday, 26 June 2016

Heavy Downloaders Use Etisalat B1S 6GB for N70 or MTN 500MB For N25

I have finally confirmed the data cap for etisalat bis for a day and was able to download almost 6GB worth of file right now and with mtn 500mb for N25, things are now better for us and let's pray it last for a while.

As mtn blocked their bb10 bis which is exactly like this etisalat bis and with psiphon handler, it works on Android phone or tablet at a very high speed. There is euro 2016 and as well Copa AmΓ©rica Centenarian final, and with this you can watch it on your Android device at just N70.

You can use this opportunity and download all your files cause one can't tell when etisalat will wake up but at least mtn 500mb for N25 night is there for us.

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My say on etisalat bis 6GB for N70 and MTN 500MB for N25 Night Plan 

This etisalat bis 6GB for N70 is what i will recommend to everyone right now and you can save yourself the stress of mtn night plan. Etisalat bis was blocked on Android but thanks to ola who find out another server to make it work, and having used it for since 4 hrs now it browse at high speed without psiphon handler disconnecting.

This isn't like etisalat social pack that is slow though you can't compare to when a bb10 user is using it direct to Android users with psiphon handler. And lastly there's no point to subscribe to the monthly plan as you don't know when etisalat will break people's heart like during mtn bb10 bis.

So what are you waiting for, just get N70 and subscribe for etisalat BB10 bis of 6GB as it now works on Android phone and tablet with psiphon handler.



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  1. Enjoy guys,my phone no gree edit APN

  2. How does it work?
    What's the code

  3. It won't last, so enjoy It now

  4. Arojo will get back to you later on.

    Ike please i gave a link to see the full settings.

  5. Why can't jjst allow us to enjoy this cheat for a month atleast

  6. Is Back again guys, check out the new settings or probably just insert http://

  7. The daily one i did just now is nt working at all...i dnt knw why o,pls mr zpykios,wetim be the next step.

  8. Ridwan in your system settings, your apn should be, and no ip and port.

    In your psiphon handler, in proxy server input and make sure there's no ip and port in your psiphon handler and also don't tick connect through http proxy. Lastly in psiphon region select between USA, UK and Canada.

  9. I just do as u say bt all to no avail.....shld i give up on it or wat,even i used both http/inject in real lroxy server,no good result...though b4 i commented the above comment i hav used upto 170mb but since that disconnection,notin more...wat next

  10. SStill no connect plz zpy...i tink u are flexing wit urz nah...share me ur settings nah,i wan use am watch the portugal match ni plz nah...time is going.

  11. Ridwan the worst happened, etisalatetisalat just blocked it right now or few minutes ago.

  12. Thanks 4 your reply @ admin....really appreciate ur effort die....i love zpykios blog blood nah zpy,my skin nah zpy...i believe in zpykios...up highest level u dey go...far pass ur enemies...more kissing...😍😍😍