Thursday, 9 June 2016

Best Opera Browser Layout For Android Phone

Opera browser or opera mini which is a very popular and powerful web browser, available on Android, IOS, Windows, Mac and Linux platform is one of most used web browser in the world especially on mobile.

Of all the web browsers on mobile platform, opera browser undoubtedly have the best interface and design and this is also the very best reason why many tends to use it for surfing.

If you are using opera browser with a mobile phone like Android phone, you might find it difficult to switch from one favourite site to another because of the one hand navigation for phone. The best way to use opera browser is to set it on classic layout or preferably the tablet layout so as to get the tab switching features.

Best Opera Browser Settings For Android Phone 

Tablet Layout on opera browser 

1 When you open your opera browser, click on the opera symbol icon below your screen. 

2 Click settings and got to app layout. 

Click on tablet(efficient tab switching) and it will mark it. Finally press back till you get to the homepage. 

You will see a different layout and equally better as the opera icon and will be on the top of your screen. 

If you open a site or a web page and feels to go back to that particular site or web page, just click on the plus ➕ and it will save it. 

If you want to open a the web page, just click on any and it will open without loading the page. You should know that this is different from saved page and can store up to 50 web pages. 

Classic Layout on opera browser 

This can also be done on classic mode, with the opera icon and tab switching below the screen. It doesn't show the site names below but rather a multi task symbol beside the opera icon. If you click on it, you will see list of the stored web pages and they will stay there until you remove them or uninstall the opera browser. 

This two are best and recommended layout on opera browser, and for me i prefer to choose tablet layout to classic layout as it is so easy with the efficient tab switching on the top of the screen. 

Opera browser users, what best way do you prefer to use opera browser on your mobile phone, the classic layout or the tablet layout. 
  1. When was the last time I used opera browser
    I don't even recall

  2. Hmmmm are you uc browser fan?

  3. Bro I was told Mtn music plus is back, is DAT try?

  4. Opera mini is good. Especially wen u r using it wit Airtel

  5. I'm yet to find the fascinating thing/s about opera browser, the only reason I still have it on my phone is because it came with it.

  6. Opera good for managing data
    But uc is still d best

  7. Paul you can get get the mb but can't use it.

    Opera has good interface to compare to uc, Dolphin browser but in terms of speed, one can't compare opera to the likes of uc, Dolphin or puffin browser.


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