Thursday, 30 June 2016

Best ATM Naira Debit Card For Online Payment

Having you been wondering which naira ATM Debit card works best for online payment both home and international, and also banks which has the cheapest exchange rate with other countries(international).

Many people are faced with this question on daily basis or when they want to make payment online right here in Nigeria or foreign countries, especially those that wouldn't want to use a PayPal account to make payment on foreign currency.

If you have been asking such questions, then you are at the right place as i have used up to 5 naira debit card from different banks to make payment online and the are listed below.

Best ATM Naira Debit Card For Online Payment 

GTB: If you are into online business or the type that buy products online from foreign countries, then you should have Gtb as your number one bank for your online business or payment. As i tired other popular banks in Nigeria, Gtb is the best for me as it offers cheap exchange rate thank any other bank in Nigeria, and not only that, Gtb naira Mastercard debit card are hardly rejected when making online payment. 

Access Bank: Access Bank is another bank i love to use when making online payment, likewise gtb, they offer cheap exchange rate similar to what gtb offers to customers. But at times, one might face with the problem of debit card rejection when making payments. I've had such issue when trying to use their debit card to make payment on aliexpress. 

First Bank Nigeria: If i don't mention them, one might give me an E-slap. First bank verve naira debit card can never or hardly rejected when making online payment but one bad thing is that their exchange rate can be exorbitant. I give it to big boys who wouldn't mind the exchange rate of first bank on foreign currency. If gtb exchange rate is N320 to $1, first bank will be N350 or N360 to $1.

Diamond Bank: Diamond visa is another naira debit card i use for my online payment, it offers cheap exchange rate and there isn't rejection of card associated with them. You might have faced this issue but for me, i haven't for once.

These are the best four i will recommend to any body especially gtb  naira Mastercard. Others that are good includes uba and zenith Mastercard.

Please your contribution to this is also needed thanks. 



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