Monday, 13 June 2016

Why are You Not Satisfied With MTN Free 300mb Or 600mb Game Plus Data

Mtn Game Plus 300mb and 600mb tweak 

People are still complaining of cheap or unlimited data bundle when there is mtn game plus which can give you 300mb on a single sim or 600mb on dual sim and we are not okay with that.

Someone was disturbing me about cheap data plan or probably free unlimited browsing and i gave him codes and Settings of mtn game plus but he was not satisfied, as he was looking for an unlimited data for his downloads and to also stream with it like he used to. But what we should all know is that tweaks barley last for a day and our isp providers are in to block any little tweak.

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My mind is telling me that tweaks doesn't last for a full day thanks to our data Resellers. Last month, consecutively two tweaks was blocked same day it was released online, didn't last for 5hrs and it was blocked. Do you know what it is to use 24hrs to crack a tweak and for it to get blocked in a twinkle of an eye, and the tweak reporters gaining so much from mtn, etisalat etc.

For the mean time, let's use what we have and with mtn game plus 300mb and 600mb on 2 two sim, that's manageable for a week. I recommended this to my young one for his school project and he is using it to search for things he want online.

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Best way to use mtn game plus data bundle 

If you have a dual-SIM, it will be nice. Get two or more mtn sim and subscribe for mtn game plus 150mb by sending GM to 2200 and jw to 2200 on a sim making it 300mb, repeat this same process on other mtn sim. One mtn sim card will give you 300mb, two mtn sim card will give you 600mb, three will give 900mb and four will give you 1.2gb data etc. And the bundle is valid for 7 days, after 7 days, repeat same process to get another data bundle.

If you don’t have money to buy data bundle, then why are you not using mtn game plus 150mb?. This is what i will recommend to everyone till mtn blocks it and also note that this mtn game plus 150mb works on Android, IPhone and PC. If you have any question, problem or suggestion, please feel free to ask thanks.



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  1. The game plus is still ok with me for afternoon browsing then at night i switch to night plans. Really we really don't nid cheat lyk before wen data is cost

  2. Pelumi you got it right, i used Mtn 1gb nigh plan for 50buck to update softwares for my pc. When there's no light, i use it to watch Copa América Centenarian and mtn 300mb for normal browsing on my infinix hot 2 and airtel 750mb for N500 for my LG g2.

  3. Please upload copa america link and also Euro 2016

  4. What the person need the mb for is not serious, if not he could have gone for what is available

  5. D mb cannot be renew

  6. I can't seem to renew o it asking me to pay 500

  7. Not bad especially from MTN given that we all have it at the back of our minds that it ain't gonna last forever but then again it's MTN. Kudos Mr Uchenna is it just me or do you have a PhD in calculating data accumulation? All the same, good work bro! 🙌