Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Taking A Look At Another VPN, Zyphon V2 Apk the With Etisalat Smart Pak

Zyphon v2 is the latest psiphon handler related vpn in the VPN world right now, with altogether different interface and layout but the same with others in terms of design.
We have psiphon handler, syphon shield handler, Netify vpn, ProNet vpn and now is zyphon v2, which was released by the developer around early February 2016. Why i stopped updating these vpns is because i haven't seen any difference with the others except for the interface as all of them are psiphon handler. 

But first i would like the newbie who are new to these VPN(s) to know what is all about. A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a method used to add security and privacy to private and public networks, like WiFi Hotspots and the Internet.

There's so many vpn for Android and most popular is openvpn connect which was popularly used before dzebb introduced psiphon handler. Mind you it was just a vpn before dzebb modded it into a handler. Many vpn you will see don't have a handler menu but this developer dzebb who have been developing handlers since 2008 turned it into a handler so that one can use tweaks to browse free with the VPN.

All these vpn handlers you are seeing are developed by philipino, Indonesian and Indian guys, as dzebb whose real name is Vincent from Indonesia developed Psiphon handler and he was the guy that was developing opera mini handler, Ucweb handler, bolt browser etc. In fact the guy is real badass developer and network hacker and then many Nigerians do contact him for tutorials.

Back to the topic. As all these syphon shield handler, Netify vpn, ProNet and zyphon v2 are psiphon handler but one thing is they are modded by different people,some are battery killers while others are not.

Zyphon v2 

This is very similar to syphon shield handlers as it is from same developer and like other syphon shield handler, Zyphon v2 interface is really nice and connects very fast. It doesn't drain battery easily like syphon shield or psiphon handler, but it is still like others when used with etisalat social pack and chat pack.

Zyphon v2 settings with etisalat social pack and chat pack 

>>>>Open zyphon v2 handler.
>>>> Click on the Skype icon.
>>>> proxy type select Dual Real Host if you are to use ip and port or Real Host without ip and port.
>>>> Proxy server input if you are to use without ip and port or if you are to use ip and port.
>>>> Real Proxy Type select http or inject and click save.
>>>>Click the settings icon and you will see option menu.

>>>> To use without ip and port don't tick connect through http proxy and don't input ip and port in host address and port.
>>>> With ip and port, tick connect through http proxy, tick use the following settings and input working ip and port in host address and port.
>>>> In select region, it is good to use USA, United Kingdom or Canada.

But i must say i still fancy netify vpn over any other vpnvpn handlers right now, if you object please share your thoughts on the one you feel is the best vpn handler including Netlop(simple server).

Download zyphon v2 apk 

To get zyphon v2 download it below

Zyphon v2 apk



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  1. I did fancy simple server a lot but haven't used it since it became netlop

  2. Netify is still the best
    Even with the interface

  3. I don't know which is the best o...
    All I've got to say is that the dzebb guy is bad ass
    I used to love bolt back then

  4. Me i dnt go for any one listed above,i always prefer psipone

  5. Zyphon turns out to be the best in terms of etisalat smart pak coz it kinda bypass speed throttling on its own;but in terms of BIS,Musicplus...Netify handles the bars,it connects faster,less Ram consumption and of course no bugs like force stopping after you rotate the screen from vertical to horizontal when using the Netify.All other VPNs reconnects or force closes after changing the screen state.So in conclusion Netify is the best but not recommended for etisalat smart pak

  6. @kurara thanks for your contribution, will look deep into etisalat smart pak with netify and this zyphon v2

  7. @admin please we need Etisalat social me and smart pack ip