Sunday, 8 May 2016

Selfie Gone Wrong As 24yr Old Man Breaks 126yrs Statue Into Pieces While Taking Selfie

When you actually wants to boost to your friends, how you were able to get a selfie with a statue of a 16th century king which is 126yrs, but ends of going behind bars. This is actually what happened to a 24yr old Portuguese man, who was trying to take a selfie with the statue but ends of breaking it into pieces. Reports the New York Post, that a young man took one look at a 126-year-old statue of Portuguese king Dom Sebastiao last Tuesday and thought he could hop on it and take a selfie.

The statue stands outside the beautiful Rossio train station in Lisbon. Or, rather, stood.

It seems, you see, that as the man climbed the statue, Dom Sebastiao decided not to participate in this historic moment and crumbled to the ground.

Portugal's Observador newspaper reports that Infraestruturas de Portugal, the government entity responsible for the statue, will press charges against the 24-year-old man. Lisbon police didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. Pictures obtained by Brazil's Globo show that the statue was left in pieces.



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  1. People be causing trouble for themselves...
    *sips MA origin and continue hoping arsenal wins*

  2. The man enter one chance

  3. Dis one Na double chance o

  4. It simply means the so called "Infraestruturas de Portugal" guys weren't doing a good job preserving the structure.

  5. Lol!
    Na so guy enter serious gbege!
    Something must have gone wrong with preserving the structure,to make it fall to pieces.126years is no joke!