Monday, 23 May 2016

Popular Android Game Fruit Ninja To Be Made Into A Film

If you into Android games or even used Android phone from 2012 till now then you should know fruit Ninja as it is one of the popular games on android coupled with temple run and angry birds.

Mobile phone game Fruit Ninja is to follow The Angry Birds Movie into cinemas, in a move sparked by the latter’s impressive box-office results.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Halfbrick Studios, the makers of the popular smartphone fruit-slicing game, have partnered with Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters producer Tripp Vinson to create “a live-action family comedy” inspired by the game. Few details of the proposed project have emerged, other than that the script is due to be written by JP Lavin and Chad Damiani, previously responsible for the as-yet-unproduced crime romance Kamikaze Love, which appeared on the 2007 Black List of most-liked screenplays.

  1. Never heard of the game..buh its a gud idea

  2. Can't imagine how it's going to look like? But it should be animated

  3. Hmmm😮 ...just wondering what the movie will look like. I can't even imagine it.

  4. Don't even have an idea of the game sef...lolz!
    I am sure they will be able to pull it off.


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