Saturday, 21 May 2016

Ntel Unlimited Data Plans Are Very Costly, My Candid Opinion

Have you allow seen the ntel data plans for their internet connection, haven't cared to check about their data plans and their prices until today and truly am very shocked at to what i saw.

All i got to say that this is really outrageous for a common average Nigerian, spending N1200 to browse unlimited for 3days, N3000 to browse unlimited for 7days or N10000 to browse unlimited for a month. Right now we are in economic meltdown, high cost of products that even common biscuit or polythene bag have risen coupled with the method of payment of workers in this country.

Ntel data plans for Android, IPhone And PC 

As it goes with ntel network, their data plans works on all device and goes like this.

N1200 unlimited for just 3 days
N3000 unlimited for 7 days
N10000 unlimited for a month.

By looking at these ntel data plans, it only favour the public users like those who owns a Cyber Cafe or related to. For a private user, this is costly unless you are a high salaried earner, and with all the hype and high expectation about ntel, still they didn't offer anything cheap. Well some people seems to be enjoying it especially the N10000 a month unlimited without any complain.

I pray when it gets to my location, they will reduce their data plans and by then mtn will be launching their own 4G LTE Network. Okay guys will you be be going for this ntel Unlimited data plans if it reaches your location?.



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  1. @Amaechi it is not cost at all. I pay 10000naira for 20gb on spectranet 4g. But for Ntel cant wait for them to cum lagos

  2. Hmm,this is beyound my pocket level

  3. It is costly for average users, me i can't spend such on data for a month...what am i browsing.

  4. 10000 unlimited a month is fair. Expensive yes but fair considering its unlimited

  5. I'm gonna put Ntel on the back burner for now.. They ain't in Lag yet and I'm appalled as to why they didn't launch their operations in the centre of excellence in the first place. Something's obviously not right with this network. Let's all wait and see.

  6. I Think That Of The Monthly Is Just Cool.

  7. Is actually cheap @#1200 for 3days

  8. Hmmm...Guess they know those they had in mind when they came up with their plans,not for someone like me.
    Too costly for my purse!

  9. That of the #1200 for 3days is very cool..