Thursday, 19 May 2016

Nokia Is Back On Mobile Phone Market Through Brand Licensing

Nokia Is Back On Mobile Phone Market Through Brand Licensing 

The Finnish multinational communications and information technology company Nokia announced on Wednesday 18 that it has signed a deal for the 10 years with the company HMD Global independently licensing its brand for the mobile phones and tablets and the devices will be manufactured by a subsidiary of Taiwan’s Foxconn.

The company Nokia, which was once the largest manufacturer in the world of mobile phones, has sold its handset business to the tech giant Microsoft in 2014. However, the company got their patent and began preparing a return to the market through brand licensing, and currently the company gets most of its revenue from the telecommunications equipment.

Nokia HMD will receive the royalty payments related to the sale of products with its brand. “Instead of the Nokia back to produce cell itself, the HMD plans to produce mobile phones and tablets that can enlarge the Nokia brand value in global markets,” said Ramzi Haidamus, head of Nokia’s patent unit.

The HMD also reached with the tech giant Microsoft for access to Nokia’s portfolio and on Wednesday, before the Nokia announced its return to the mobile phone market, the company announced the purchase of basic cell area, known as “feature phones”. Beside the FIH Mobile, a subsidiary of Foxconn, will pay US $350 million.

As part of the agreement, HMD will buy Microsoft’s Nokia brand to use rights in basic mobile phones by 2024. As the company HMD said in a statement that “Together, these agreements will make HMD the only global licensed for all types of phones and tablets with the Nokia brand”.

The HMD is a newly established company which is controlled by the Smart Connect, an investment fund managed by Jean-Francois Baril, a former employee of Nokia. Hence, the company Nokia did not give details about the releases of new handsets. But, the agreement between the tech giant Microsoft and the HMD to be completed in the second half of 2016.



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  1. Wow! It will be nice to have them really back

  2. It would be so good for them to make an Android with a strong lasting battery

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  10. Hehehehehe....
    Pelumi's last comment...
    OK o

    Well it's good to have Nokia back on the radar let's see if their magic touch is still with them...
    Can't wait to see their first release

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  14. With new and even more dedicated players in the telecommunications game such as Injoo, Tecno and the like I really don't see this Nokia-HMD marriage doing anything that hasn't already been done before.. I guess rolling out even cheaper high end phones will be the only play at least until they regain a foothold in the market like they once did. And about the incessant and morbidly annoying rate at which free data tweaks are blocked, only God can help us with that one because this isn't the first or the last time the Iykomo incident is gonna happen. Still I'm pretty optimistic!