Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Is This For Real, Mtn Ng Rolling Out 4G LTE Network By July 2016

Mtn are they trying to impress us, what are they up to because this is really getting interesting with how they have been going since this week. According to report that mtn Nigeria will be launching mtn Nigeria 4G LTE Network by July 2016.

Never thought it will be so soon for mtn Nigeria to launch a 4G LTE Network here in Nigeria as ntel launched theirs last month. According to report, mtn 4G LTE came after the acquired visafone last month.

For now they haven't announced the states to get it first as we are still waiting for a full report about this development which is long overdue. As mtn have followed the footsteps of ntel, let's wait and see which other network will follow suite.

Again with this 4G LTE Network support in Nigeria, i don't see any reason why the likes of tecno or infinix will keep producing phones or tablets without a 4G LTE Network support as it will make no sense at all. Lastly let's hope this will indeed be a strong one as mtn 3G network is useless in some areas and fair in many areas too.

What do you think about mtn Nigeria 4G LTE Network cause their 3G isn't powerful as it is not stable and now they are talking about 4G LTE.



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  1. Is a welcome development, there is no harm in them introducing it. It won't make us lose their 3g rather it will breed competition and at the end of the day we will have many lte network to choose from

  2. I think mtn network is stable...
    And their 3g or H network is awesome...
    It's a welcomed improvement...
    More power to them tho

  3. Give us the 4G LTE on mtn

  4. It must be like flash, thanks for the info

  5. That would be a good thing.