Sunday, 1 May 2016

List Of Cheap Browsing Or Data Bundle For The Month Of May 2016

We thank God on how we made it to the month of May 2016, April has come and gone and now we are in may, let's all hope things get better for us. Both in our life and in free browsing too.

So let's look into all the available cheap data bundle, is quite unfortunate that there's no ultimate free browsing right now, though i must say some are afraid to open up before iykomo will report to our network providers again. Right now is all about how to browse relatively at a very cheap rate and they are below.

Cheap Affordable Internet data plan in Nigeria For may 2016 


Am starting with mtn as majority of Nigerians are using mtn.


Mtn Suprise Data of 1.3GB for N1000 and 3.7GB for N2000

To get MtnSuprise for N1000 for 1.3GB, recharge N1000 and send 106 to 131.

To get MtnSuprise for N2000 for 3.7GB recharge N2000 and send 110 to 131.

MTN N150 Or N100 For 1GB 

This is sweet but difficult as it involves sim eligibility, you have to be eligible before you can get this. Mtn really made it difficult and also i have tried to figure out how to be eligible but couldn't, as mtn only know how they are doing it.

N100 for 1GB dail *567*58#
N150 for 1GB dail *567*59#

Still can't believe that mtn bb10 bis is still not working as i tried it yesterday, in fact all the bb plan on mtn all to no avail. And also mtn music plus, don't know if that dude is the major cause of tweaks blockage.


Etisalat are known for their high cost of data bundle and now all we got to manage is the Etisalat smart pack. When it started it was cool and fast, one can bypass the speed throttling easily especially without ip and port but now they tightened it up.

For Etisalat Social Me dial *343*6*10# cost N300 for a week. 

For Etisalat Chat pack monthly dial *343*6*11# cost N500 monthly. 

OR you can dial *200#, select data services, select smart pack, and finally select social media or chat pack and you will see list of the data's.

Normal etisalat 1GB for N1000 or 2GB for N2000 

You will also have to be eligible for this too, first you must receive a message from etisalat about this offer on your sim. Or you can dial the below codes without airtime on your sim sim and if you see insufficient, then you are eligible.

Etisalat 1GB for N1000 dial Dial *229*2*7#
Etisalat 2GB for N2000 dial *229*2*8#


Airtel blackberry 10 plan of N1000 For 3GB is working on Android phone, you can check more of it please go through the Link here

Weekend plan of N100 for 1GB 
When it started it was for all but now limited to very few airtel subscribers.

To subscribe load N100 and dial Dial *474*1#, if you are luck you will get 1GB for the weekend. Applicable to two weekends.


Really don't like Glo, maybe due to no network in my area. But you can also go for Glo blackberry plan. But if I'm to recommend, i will recommend Glo weekend plan which is N200 and you get 1GB to use from 12.00am – 5.00am by dialing *777#. 

These are the cheap Affordable Internet data plan in Nigeria For The Month of may 2016, but guys if you have any to share please drop it below for all to benefit as things are now hard thanks.



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  1. 08032150240
    Not all mtn sim are eligible for that daily sub

  2. The mtn N100 for 1GB is extremely impossible to get. Pls they should bring back bb10 bis

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  5. Mtn and airtel be wanting us to hope on luck for cheap data abi...
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  6. @uju you didn't get me at all, if i ask you to drop number you can drop your number. What i said is if i make any post, try and check the last paragraph to see if i said the first three to drop their number will get an airtime, but if i didn't say so please you don't. But if you want to get free 4GB Data or N4000, N2000 airtime or 2GB by 15th may, then endeavour to comment on almost every post made from 28th April till 15th may 2016 thanks.

  7. I have poor GLO network on my LG G3,CAN'T ENJOY GLO

  8. Glo worst network for me.

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    U pasted it sha