Friday, 6 May 2016

Updated Working Psiphon Handler Settings With Etisalat Social Pak And Chat Pak

This psiphon handler settings with etisalat social and chat pak that are still managing etisalat smart pak data which consists of social media and chat pak. Started very well last year, very fast with the social media as one can even stream live football matches with it.

Along the it becomes overcrowded and etisalat got to know that people are much into it as this is just for social media apps like Facebook, whatsapp, Instagram etc. Etisalat made it very difficult to bypass the speed throttling coupled with often disconnection especially since the turn of this year and for me i stopped.

A reader here sent etisalat smart pak settings with ip and said it is the latest configuration with etisalat smart and psiphon hander with ip and port,and the settings are below.

Psiphon handler settings with etisalat social and chat pak with ip and port 

>>>>In your psiphon handler instead of you to select real host, select "dual real host"
>>>> In proxy server input " or or"
>>>> In real proxy type select http or inject
>>>> Port 80
>>>> click save and stop from connecting, then click option and more options
 >>>> Tick connect through http proxy and tick use the following settings.
>>>> In host input this
>>>> port 3128

My main concern is if this connects for you, please comment as I'm trying to check something with that proxy server

Psiphon handler settings with etisalat social and chat pak without ip and port 

What is required you to do is to input,, etc in proxy server and select real host.
>>>> Then makemake suresure there's no ip and port in your psiphon handler etc and don't tick connect through http proxy.

Having used for almost one year now, though stopped since March, etisalat social and chat pak with psiphon handler is easy without ip and port and one can bypass the speed throttling little bit easier without ip and port. 

New update 

You guys made me to subscribe to etisalat smart pack that i really don't want just to confirm things, alright for those of you using etisalat smart pack here's another settings for you guys.

>>> in your in proxy server input or you can as well retain the one above.
>>> In your psiphon handler or Netify VPN or zyphon v2, input this ip and port

Leave the others as it is and connect. Mind you the speed throttling is still there, doesn't change anything but depends on your location.



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  1. Not using it at the moment

  2. Going to try it now. Is the 500naira a month very fast

  3. I think is better with ip,cos without ip it disconnects almost every minute

  4. I happened not to use Etisalat again....
    The network is poor here 2g service.....

  5. Working with ip and port tank zpykios

  6. @abdul thanks for your contribution.

    @pelumi not sure but you can try it.

  7. It's able to connect with ip again?! Finally!!

  8. What's the code pls ....
    Lemme try using it to

  9. Not connecting with. IP bro

  10. Not connecting with ip bro

  11. @Ike the code is *343*6*11#

    @Burrow are you on social media plan of N100 daily or N300 daily cause it seems to be working for chat pak.

  12. it connected Biko, working perfectly.

  13. Bro pls I need the chat pack code and the amount

  14. @Paul please it will be better if you dial *200# and select data services, select smart pack and then chat pack.

  15. Yes but there's N400 or N500 monthly chat pak but hmmmm really frustrating but if you want, you can go for it.

  16. I'm using the n300 weekly BT it not connection with ip

  17. Admin please I need ip for 300 chat pack.......cause i think is faster than the 500 monthly

  18. Pls Which one is faster weekly or monthly...
    Is it chat pack or social me..
    What's the code and how much is it worth...
    Never knew it only works in easy cliq I've been trying on easy starter

  19. N400 monthly is chat pack and you can't compare it with N300 weekly socialme

  20. Which one is better?
    The social me or the chat pack...
    And what's the code you dint state it

  21. You can't compare N400 monthly chat pak with N300 weekly social pak meaning that social pak is far better.

    The code for N400 or N500 is *343*5*7#

  22. Try this IP: port:3128

  23. pls, i wnt to knw if there is any usefulness of dis IP since d speed wateva is still there.

  24. It stops often disconnection in psiphon handler, though for me without ip and port in is stable.

  25. Please what's the speed like

  26. Bie eemmmm it really depends ,now iny location, it seems etisalat get little bit better and makes it bit possible to bypass the speed throttling
    My minimum speed is 50kbs and highest so far today is 250kbs. Subscribed today just for the sake of testing it and it is stable without frequent disconnection.

  27. Tired of smartpack đŸ˜«

  28. pls this is not working for me. can you show me the screenshots of your settings pls.
    this is my settings
    PORT: 8080
    In my psiphon handler i select "dual real host"
    In proxy server input "
    In real proxy type i select http
    Port 80
    In host i input this
    port 3128
    pls correct me where am wrong. i subscribed to chat pack of #150

  29. Paschal please remove the port 8080 from your system network settings and use only apn which is Etisalat. Then use instead of

    When you tried using without ip and port in psiphon handler, did it work for you. Trying to know if your data is still active.

  30. yes i can browse without IP but if i want to download it will start disconnecting. i want to use this one with IP but i cant figure out why is not working. screenshot your phone settings and psiphone settings let me see exactly the way they are.

  31. Latest:-MTN BBLITED is Back again and rocking mad may 2016 by ZID: 5:20 pm On May 06
    Dis is to inform all tweakers that the recently blocked MTN Biz is back aynd rocking like mad.
    Step to subscribe and settings of it.
    dial *123*3*6*3*7*1# Monthly N1000
    *123*3*6*3*7*2# Weekly N350
    *123*3*6*3*7*3# Daily N70
    Step to configure your phone using
    Simple Android Server and any VPN handler ( Psiphon, Pronet, Netify...etc)
    1. Set your APN
    Name: any name
    APN type: default, wap, ia
    VPN handler setting
    Proxy type: Dual real host
    Custom Header: X-Online-Host:
    Proxy Server:
    Real Proxy Type: HTTP
    Real Proxy Server:
    Real Proxy Port: 8080
    Choose USA or Best performance
    Connect through HTTP Proxy: Port: 8080

    Haven't tested it bt dos DAT did DAT it is blazing..
    Jst wanted to share check it out

  32. @paschal mine expired yesterday(daily), don't want to subscribe again for another testing(very frustrating).

  33. Sk Hmmmm. Hope you are not vector.

  34. Like I said haven't tested it no Cridt to do so bt dos DAT did said its working so I don't knw... Who is vector admin @Amaechi uchenna?

  35. It's stopped working. Was awesome before today