Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Easy Steps On How To Block Unwanted Number Or Spam Messages On Android

How to block Unwanted Number Or Spam Messages On Android 

We receive spam messages on daily basis especially from our network providers who act as a third party to those senders and this can be very annoying though the rate at which we receive such messages have stopped drastically.

Sometimes we also wants to block a particular number from receiving messages from the number especially if the sender is a bittle to us. Thanks to Android 5.0 lollipop and upwards that we can block those spam messages or numbers from receiving sms from them.

How to block Unwanted Number Or Spam Messages On Android 

This isn't a new thing, but for those who are new to Android and doesn't know how to do it. So here it goes below:

>>> Open your sms or Messenger.
>>>> Locate a the number you want to block from receiving messages from the number.
>>> Click open the message you received from the particular number.
>>> press the three dots on the top right corner of your screen.

>>> Click people and options.
>>> You will see block......

>>> Click block...... and it will ask you a question, just press okay and there you go you will never receive any message from the number. Though the sender will send the message, but you will never receive it or any notification about it.

If you want to unlock the number, just open your messeger or sms app and click on the three dots on top right corner of your screen, click on blocked numbers and there you will see list of numbers you blocked. Click on anyone and unblock the number.

If you noticed, the likes of mtn now do this spam messages through calls. Your phone will ring and you will run to pick it just to see its just a spam number like 55337 calling you. Though all those things are adverts and the owners really paid for it but it can be very annoying.

This is how to block unwanted number or spam messages from your Android phone or tablet. Next will be how to block any number from receiving calls from the particular number.

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  1. i m trying this thing,i hav alot of numbers that needs to be blocked

  2. Nice but not all spam msgs comes with number.

  3. Uju you can as well block them, i once blocked MTNN from receiving messages from them and it worked.

  4. Good i have to block mtn from messaging. What about unwanted fone calls

  5. It's sometimes annoying buh Sometimes their info helps too...
    So blocking is a dilemma for me...
    Kul post