Thursday, 19 May 2016

Download Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp To Clean All WhatsApp Junk Images

Have you ever checked your photo gallery and see tons of nonsense images that youyou know you didn't downloaddownload online, you might get confused where these imagesimages and symbols are from, one fact is they are whatsapp junk images.

When you install whatsapp on your Android phone or tablet, any image received on your phone will be stored with profile pics and videos on another folder in your SD card. To crown it worst, if you belong to many groups on WhatsApp, you willwill have huge collection of those junk images and this even tends to slow your device aaaa it piles. So if you have seen such or have such and doesn't know how to delete them all because they are so many, thanks to Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp apkapk, it will help and remove all the whatsapp junk imagesimages on your Android device.

How to use magic cleaner for WhatsApp to clean whatsapp junk images 

>>>First is to Download Magic Cleaner for WhatsApp and launch it.
>>>Follow prompt and allow it to analyse your Whatsapp for junk images
>>>After it has analysed your Whatsapp, all junk images will be highlighted and displayed.
>>>To delete them automatically, just click on the delete icon that will be presented at the right lower corner of your screen.
>>>And you have just succeeded in deleting all worthless Whatsapp images that are currently occupying useful memory on your device.

With this magic cleaner for WhatsApp, you will be free from all tons of whatsapp junk images especially those that belong up to 10 or more whatsapp groups.



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  1. Tnx but i hav clean master installed on my device,do i still use this?

  2. In as much as i love the idea of having the app, i love doing my clean up manually

  3. This would be very helpful,thanks.

  4. Most of this cleaner delete my main files except from clean Master

  5. Uju and manual stuffs lol
    I do mine manually too and I also disallowed auto download to prevent such junks too