Tuesday, 17 May 2016

How To Block Number Or Spam Number From Your Android Phone Or Tablet

Having done how to block spam messages or numbers, now is how to block a number from your phone contact especially is the person is a bedbug to you. Even now there's a spam calls we do receive on our mtn number, numbers like 55337 which when answered will start to talk gibberish.

Etisalat also does the same and you can block those annoying calls for good and permanently unless you want to unblock them. Blocking number on Android differs by phone brands, like for example how Samsung galaxy block it's own is different from LG and HTC. So what i decided is to get the very best app that works on all device.

How to block Unwanted Number Or Spam call from your Android phone or tablet 

To block unwanted number from receiving calls or even messages on that particular number is by doing the below procedures.

>>> First download Mr Number apk and open it.
>>> you will see your call logs.

>>> Click on the number you want and to view more call logs, click more recent.
>>> After you click on the number you want, click the block icon at the top right hand corner.

>>> Immediately you clicked on the block icon, it will automatically blocked the number and if you want to unblock it click on the block icon and it will unblock it or if you have list of blocked numbers that you want to unblock, then you do this.
>>> Open Mr Number app and click on the three dots at the right hand corner.
>>> Click "block list and you will see list of blocked numbers. Then you can unblock anyone you want.

Like i said before, why i choose this application method is because many Android phone brands have different approach, am using LG g2, galaxy s5 and infinix hot 2 and they have different methods. So i choose this app method as it works on all Android phone brands, there are other apps like call blocker and call black list and they are equally good but with annoying ads.

This is how to block unwanted number from receiving calls or even messages from the number on your Android phone or tablet. There are methods that doesn't require apps but you should try and check out yourself by going to your call app and press option key and Settings, then you will see it.



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  1. I hope it wld not ring ,because some blocking apps like this blocks calls only if it rangs at least once

  2. It's ringing at least once so as to notify the person that some one tried to called him but it waz blocked by the app,the reason i dont like that is that the caller can suspect you for blocking or rejecting his call

  3. I prefer the method on your previous post

  4. Abdul that's the way it works even the pre-installed in the phone. The main purpose is to block spam or annoying persistent calls.

  5. Hmmmm...
    She has suffered lol...
    Come and call again na lemme see...
    Wait o
    What does it tell the person calling?
    Not available?
    Outta reach?
    Or what?

  6. This is very much welcomed,those four or five digits number can be quite annoying,especially when one is expecting an important call.