Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Airtel ng Introduced Another Data Plan Of 7GB For N3,500

It seems that our network providers are not yet done with their data review as airtel today, introduced another data bundle which is 7gb for N3,500 for Android, IOS And PC without data zapping and valid for 30 days.

I keep hoping that by the end 2016, we will have 3gb data at N1000 and may it continue to fall till we get 3gb data @N1000. Some are saying this data revisit is because of the 4G LTE Network they are about to launch but let's fold our arms and watch them.

How to get airtel 7gb data for N3,500 

>>> Recharge N3,500 on your airtel sim.
>>> Dial this code  *438*1# to subscribe for airtel 7gb data for 30 days.

You are good to go and this works on all device without any bit of data zapping, But if you have mtk phone, i will recommend you to use blackberry 10 data and with two airtel sim cards, that's 6gb data at the price of N2000.


Well i decided you make a full list as i have seen that i have got a Mr Know All here who lacks manner of approach.

>>>1.5GB N1,000 30 days  *496#
>>>3.5GB N2,000 30 days *437#
>>>5GB   N2,500 30 days  *437*1#
>>>7GB N3,500 30 days  *438#

If you check on the above pic, you will also see 750mb for N500 etc. Works on all device.



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  1. I don't trust airtel data at all, they have dealt with me and right now I'm very skeptical about them. I can only go for their night plan

  2. No network wan carry last ooo. I'm still wsiting for d day 5gb will be N500

  3. It's 9GB for 3500 and not 7GB. The plan has been on for a very long time, do your homework very well before posting. More grease to your elbow

  4. @PhlamezTV first i think you should learn some ethical way of approach, secondly please before correcting someone be sure of what you are saying before making fool of yourself okay brother. You can log in to airtel ng website and check their data plans as i have got no time to argue with you good night.

  5. Lol una no fit just correct each other without quarrelling? Great plans but airtel na thieves

  6. Ghen ghen
    See trouble
    Buh then I think I know of a friend that used the 3.5k for 9.5gb buh It comes with double zapping
    This for 7.5 comes without zapping
    So I think it's differs

  7. There's a way to address to someone, the airtel 9gb data for N3,500 have been there even before i opened this site, but since the recent data revisit and with many complaining of data zapping, airtel now introduced this one's and they don't zap data at all.
    If you see 7gb, it is 7gb not 7gb in disguise of 4gb.

  8. Make somebody wey get mind for this economy try and testify for us. Airtel Don do me strong things

  9. The one am using.. Is dat of BB10. Plus my free 1gb after recharging with *555* so.. I have 4gb for N1000.

  10. They should keep coming up with them upgraded data bundles,while the subscribers enjoy.

  11. Mr. Ameachi tanz for d gud work u are doing in dis great sites pls guys I don't advice any to sub for airtel bcos of two reasonable issue, first dey network is nt stable in many part of d country secondly airtel still zap data, I recently sub for airtel BB10 subscription on andriod its work but d rate dey zap d mb is too much compel to glo bis sub on andriod fone and d highest i get in terms of speed is 1.8mbs, if u like speed reliable network go for etisalat 2000 for 3.75gb or glo bis for 1500 naira on andriod fone, I regret subscribing d airtel bis or subscribe d above latest data, a friend of my said d data are gud dat dere is no zapping ooo

  12. Are u sure there is no data zapping In dis one's
    I did 3500 for 9gb
    But jeez Its also finished Without downloading much

  13. Sorry guys for the late reply, was off for good 2days.

    Kenny if you are living in the north you will know that airtel is very fast.

    Esan and Kenny, according to airtel through the twitter handler it doesn't zap data and my brother already subscribed to it says it is far better to airtel 3k for 9gig.