Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The Competition Is Getting Sweeter As GLO Revisits Its Data Plans

Glo Revisits Its Data Plans 

The Competition Is getting sweeter as our isp network providers are Revisiting their data plans in a way it will suit an average Nigerian right now especially with this hard economy we are facing. And Glo doesn't want to be left out as they have revisits their data plans.

Glo might not be the network everyone likes partly due to their poor connection which they haven't still upgraded. For example in my area, you will hardly get full network bar in your device, and can't even make calls without it not breaking. I don't know why they haven't done anything to rectify these problems and boost their network.

Revisited Glo Data Plans for Android, IPhone And PC In 2016 

>>>1.5GB for N1,000 – subscription code is *127*53# or text 53 to 127

>>>3GB for N2,000 – subscription code is *127*55# or text 55 to 127

>>>5GB for N2,500 valid – subscription code is *127*58# or text 58 to 127

>>>6GB for N3,000 – subscription code is *127*54# or text 54 to 127

>>>9GB for N4,000 – subscription code is *127*59# or text 59 to 127

>>>12GB for N5000 – subscription code is *127*2# or text 11 to 127

>>>24GB for N8,000 – subscription code is *127*1# or text 12 to 127

These are the revisited Glo data plans that works on Android, IPhone And PC without requiring any vpn. The competition is on right, and we are waiting for etisalat as they are yet to revisit their data plans.



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  1. Competition sweets,dont stop until 1GB is down to #200

  2. I m not using glo network on ny LG G3 because the browsing speed is very poor

  3. Hardly got H+,mostly got E which is very very weak

  4. @abdullahi please try and put your words in a single comment, was even confusing you with Ahmad.

  5. Hehehehehe...
    It's good buh heard glo service is not fast enough

  6. Ahh!
    Uche I'm literally drooling right now
    5gb for 2500?

  7. this is madness 4000 for 9gig while 6000 for 6gig

  8. @Afro sorry it is 6GB for N3000. Typo error from me.

  9. They just changed the game

  10. Getting the data might not be the problem but being able to use it, glo network sucks badly most of the time

  11. They just changed the game

  12. They just changed the game

  13. Glo with their useless network, but the competition is good.

  14. Glo's data bundles have been like this even before MTN revisited theirs. It's just that people don't seem to use their network much. For example some people don't even know that Glo has the cheapest weekend pan that isn't SIM selective-N500 for 3GB

  15. My eyes on their 5GB,makes a whole lot of sense.