Tuesday, 3 May 2016

How To Use Instagetter To Download Videos And Photos On Instagram

Instagram now one of the biggest social media sites where people share videos or photos for their followers to see. Downloading videos or photos from instagram app is not possible as i have never seen such and this is the question of many instagram users "how to download videos and photos on instagram. 

If you are have been looking for a way to download any instagram videos or photos you like so much, then you have finally arrived at the right place as below is the tips on how to download videos or photos on your instagram.

How to download videos or photos on instagram 

>>>> First you will have to download igetter or Instagetter by click here.
>>>> Launch your instagram app, and locate the video or pics you want to download.
>>>> Get the url of his video or pic by clicking on the right hand corner.

>>>> Launch the igetter app, copy the url into the app. The igetter app will check the url and if it is valid, it will bring out the link with original picture or video of the url.
>>>> Tap download and it will immediately start to download but first you must choose your desired folder to save the video or photos.

Note igetter is not just for instagram videos as you can as well use it to download YouTube videos or any link you have.

This is how to download instagram videos or photos on your device with igetter app. If you like this post please don't forget to share it thanks.



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  1. Is cool but i love my way of saving instagram vides better

  2. Uju sharing is caring okay, please will be happy if you share your own method thanks.

  3. Every video you watch on instagram is saved in your device, to view this videos click on file manager > phone storage or sd card > android > data > instagram > cache... Pick any file you want from the cache list, rename it by adding dot Mp4 (.mp4) at the end of the name and there you have your instagram video

  4. I use insta save in downloading videos...
    Same method tho
    Go to insta save it's already there waiting for you...

    For pictures, I don't have to download them
    I just screen grab them and that's it
    crop later

  5. Hmmmm ujunwa wow, you really a tech lady oo, am so grateful thanks.

    @ike yeah i also know that too. Thanks guys for the contribution.

  6. Thank God for this great post

  7. I have been screenshoting images but find it difficult to download videos. Thanks for this incredible post

  8. Uju zita, i also agree with your method

  9. Uju I tried it on MA phone couldn't rename saw every thing but inside the video the file, has this file format

    When I try to rename
    Bhgtfdc6-part comes up... Clean doesn't after renaming
    Bhgtfdc6-part.mp4 then the clean comes back
    It becomes something like

    The clean makes it a folder rather than an mp4 file

  10. @Uju your way is still the best for people wit IQ secondly cos it reduces the apps on fone

  11. Ike download xplore from play store and use it to rename it again.

  12. OK thanks...
    People with IQ really?
    Use of words bruh

  13. Make sure you move the videos from the cache folder because when you clear cache there will be all gone

  14. Xplorer did the work...
    Mr uche and uju

  15. Go to android folder on your phone click on data then com.instagram.android folder . Futher click on cache then finally on videos. There you'll see all the videos you've watched on instagram. Rename them to .mp4. I hope it's not that long. Android>data>com.instagram.android >cache>video. Finally rename to .mp4