Sunday, 17 April 2016

Working 2go Blaast Settings For Android Phone

Have received countless messages from people and readers on how to make 2go and blaast gigabyte work as it seems extreme difficult to connect or make it work. Now i have a working settings for the 2go blaast and if your gig have been looking at you, check out on how to drain it.

Working 2go blaast settings for Android phone or tablet 
Please you have to use simple server v3.7 and if you have simple server v4.0 upward please downgrade to v3.7 and also this does not work on psiphon handlers and related.
  • In your system network settings leave apn as it is and in ip and port input and port 8080. 
  • Open your simple server v3.7 and select connection settings and in host ip and port input port 8080. 
  • In tweak type select injection. 
  • In injection url input or you can go to and copy the link url and paste it in your simple server injection query. 
  • In host input
  • Injection line press the arrow key on your keyboard four(4) times and press back to save the settings. 
  • Still click on connection settings, select queries, front query and input and press back. 
Why i posted both injection and queries is because sometimes injection might not work for you so you can select queries as your tweak type and use its settings and also you can select host replacement and in the host input and use it too. 

That's the newnew settings for the 2go blaast free 2GB and if still it didn't work for you then there's nothing to be done as this is the current settings for 2go blaast 2GB settings but note that it doesn't power all internet apps on your Android phone or tablet but at least manage it as things are difficult now.
  1. how do i even get this 2go blast gig?

  2. Boss wen I did it I got fast link mb 60 mob how on earth will I use that


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