Sunday, 24 April 2016

How To Use Your Android Phone To Fill Online Form And Print It Out

Do you know that you can use your Android phone or tablet to fill all your necessary online forms like the nysc registration, post utme form, jamb or weac form etc and print it out too.

Right here some People don't know that one can use Android phone or tablet to fill online form but you should bear in mind that technology is fast improving and mobile device isn't left out. You have a smartphone be it Android or iOS and all you do is to browse, chat, play or watch videos and music or games and that's all, you shouldn't be doing that now as it is good to explore your Android device.

Filling online form in Nigeria Cyber Cafe cost at least N400 due to how the economy is right now and post utme is fast approaching, you can spend up to 1000 just to fill a form online but with the method i will show you it will cost you money for printing it out only.

How to use Android phone or tablet to fill online form and print it out 

>>>First of all relax on a cushion with your credentials on the side chair or table. 

>>> You have to have Google Chrome Browser or Firefox Browser installed on your phone probably the latest version. 

>>> When you open the site be it school site or nysc site etc locate the place required to fill in your credentials, fill in your name and others and if a passport is required just use your phone and lower it's camera pixel to the lowest and then snap the passport with your phone and upload it to required place in the site. 

>>> After filling your credentials and confirmed it by clicking continue and finally click done. You will see your filled credentials and what's next is to print it out and here's the main purpose of this post. 

>>> When you have finished, on your Google Chrome Browser click on the option icon on your screen like the pic below 

>>> When you click on it you will see many option menus but click on "print" as seen below 

>>> When you click on print, you will the form you filled. Click on paper size and you will see options like paper size etc. On paper size select A4 which is what is commonly used everywhere unless you are asked to use another size. In orientation select portrait and in colour select Colour unless you want black and white. In pages it will indicate if it is more than one page so select all pages. 

>>>when you have selected all the required and checked how the form is cause as you are changing size, colour, paper size or orientation it will be indicating on the form so if you have ascertained it click on  the green PDF icon below on your screen and it will take to your file manager where you will save it. Please select a folder in your sd card when saving it and finally it will save in PDF format. 

>>> If your phone support OTG flash drive, copy it to the OTG and save it there but if it doesn't no problem still leave it on your SD Card. 

>>> Finally locate any Cyber Cafe to print it out for you at highest price N100 or N150, the only money you will spend is for printing but if you have a Samsung printer in your house, just download Samsung mobile print from play store and print it directly from your phone OR if you have HP printer in your house, download HP printer from play store and print it directly from your phone using male and female OTG cable inserted in your Android phone or tablet and also your HP printer. 

The economy is getting worse and these cafe boys are increasing their charge saying internet is costly and if check it now if you have 2 or 3 forms to fill online with each costing N500, 3 will now N1500. But if you fill on by yourself with your Internet data on your phone or tablet, the only thing it will cost you is printing it out which is N300 for the three forms saving extra N1200. 

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