Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Mtn 100MB Cut Shot, Check Out Other Alternatives

Fact is we are not going to learn, we are extremely too selfish and self centered. Everyone was looking for a means to browse free as our isp is now extremely tough on us and this mtn 100mb unlimited came up within few hours, some site owners posted it on nairaland just for their own selfish interest without minding network agents on nairaland.
 Now to get another 100 megabyte is impossible as mtn have stopped it completely unless you still have the 100mb before it was blocked. This will still continue and nairaland admins are not helping at all by deleting those posts before the isp agents sets their eyes on them. But the fact is another still going to come up, site owners will still post it on nairaland and it will get blocked.

Right now is the alternatives to this mtn free unlimited 100mb that is blocked right now.

#1 Mtn N150 for 1GB 
This is still working but extremely by luck, mtn made it very tough for every user toto benefit from this but you can get Mtn 4-in-1 sim @N100 and try it. I didn't believe in this plan till i tried it on my sis sim and she was eligible,right now am planning on getting the four in one Sims to try my luck and you should too try your own luck.

N100 for 1GB dail *567*58#
N150 for 1GB dail *567*59# and youyou can get up to 6Gig but if you areare lucky to be eligible.

#2 Etisalat social pak 
This is still available even though etisalat have made it to be frustrating and difficult to enjoy unlike before but it is still manageable especially the social media pack.

Other ones are 2go blaast but veryvery difficult now to get the gig through tweaking and then glo blackberry data plan.



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  1. Till enjoying my Etisalat remaining 3.8gb.

  2. What if I try it on another sim?