Friday, 29 April 2016

Major Causes And How To Stop Overheating On Android Device

There are so many causes of overheating on device, especially when one is multitasking. Using several apps at almost same time and this equally burns or damages the battery of the device. Overclocking CPU speed much can result in overheating your device and also this process can even damage your processor permanently.

There are many factors or things that causes your Android phone or tablet to overheat when in use, you should check on how to prevent or stop it.

Major Causes And How To Stop Overheating On Android Device 

#1 Multi-Tasking

Multi tasking is one of the major cause of heating in Android device, having or using multiple applications at same time without considering the processor or RAM of your device. You have a game running in the background, you have up to 2 or 3 browsers running in the background, you have a music player or video player running in the background etc and with your data connection switched on this tends to be a heavy load for your device, it first heats up and finally it get extremely slow.

Multitasking is very nice but one shouldn't over use especially if your device processor or RAM is too poor.

#2 Heavy gaming

Another major causes of overheating on Android device. Is true that gaming on Android is fun indeed but many a time we forget that this is mobile not a playstation where you can rounds of hours playing it. Many Android Games are now online and with your data connection or WiFi switched on, with other apps like WhatsApp or Facebook running in the background, and you playing the games for hours, it will definitely overheat your device.

If you want play high graphics online games, first force stop apps like Facebook or WhatsApp etc that are real battery and ram killer and then play your game. It helphelp to minimise the heating but it will still be there.

#3 Heavy streaming

Watching videos and movies is another one fact that add the accessibility of your phone more vast. Carrying your phone when travelling spends your time in watching movies as long as it is. This requires more work from your phone processor which consumes not only the power but also overheats too. Especially in case when you want clearer picture definition. Combine the load of playing video with the load of data connection when running at the background and over time your phone, this will might start your phone getting little warm.

#4 Bad Battery

Using a poor or damaged battery also causes a device to overheat. If your device is overheating and you are not multitasking or playing high online games, you should check if your device battery is really okay.

#5 Clean Junk file 

You must need to clean all the junk file, cookies and caches, these junk files may harm your CPU and Ram which leads to overheating.

#6 Not Giving Your Device a Break 

Smartphone addiction is at high rate now, some people will never keep their down for a second, when they are eating they are operating their device, when they are going to the toilet they are operating their device, they are in the church during mass or service hour still operating their device. Their battery gone flat, they are charging it and same time using it.

How do you expect your phone or tablet not to overheat and too much of it can damage your phone as time goes on, so please it is good to all your phone or tablet to rest and cool off.

These are the major causes of overheating on Android phone or tablet that i know, if you have any which you want to share please drop it below thanks.



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  1. Hahaha am addicted to my phone and can't let rest for a second, but it doesn't heat like that.

  2. Nice write up
    I don't know if leaving your data on for soooooooooooo long equally contributes cause there was a time I did that alot, it didn't help my phone that much.

  3. Especially the multitasking, heat up device pretty fast

  4. MA fone is ma love...
    I think I found true love with it... Lol
    So addiction is an understatement
    MA phone seldom overheats... Except I'm downloading a huge file or movie
    Not a mobile game lover...
    I'm a pad lover no pad no game

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