Thursday, 28 April 2016

Best Trending Tablet In The World Right Now

Are you looking for a nice tablet with great Specifications and features, strong and durable to handle all your needs. It feels good sometimes to browse the net on pc watch movies or play games on a large screen as mobile device might not provide the best screen and resolution you need.

This isn't just for Android tablet but rather the three best operating system we have and their latest cheap tab that you might like.

Best Trending Tablet In The Smartphone Market

#1 Galaxy TabPro S

Galaxy TabPro S runs on a Core M processor and has a full version of Windows 10, which means you can run all of the regular Windows app you’re used to running. You’ll be limited, sure, by high-power games and apps like Photoshop, but it’s a highly portable machine that comes with its own keyboard for $899. Plus, if you own a Galaxy smartphone, you can even receive notifications, unlock the tablet and more.

#2 iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is a dream machine for graphic designers and media mavens, but this elegant tablet needs more optimized apps and accessories before it can fully achieve laptop-killer status.

#3 Amazon Fire Tablet

The Amazon Fire tablet definitely isn't overpriced. It runs a user-friendly operating system and houses a microSD card slot expandable up to 128GB. Amazon Prime members can access the bevy of free TV shows, movies and games included in the subscription.

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  1. But them no dey naija right.

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  3. The first one no be for people like us for now,but the last two are very affordable.

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