Friday, 15 April 2016

Best Android Apps For School

Have you evever wondered if you can use your smartphone (Android) to on your studies in school. Mobile phone is really developing and now it is not just all about browsing, stunning selfies, watching movies or music on your phone or playing high end mobile games etc.
Now you can use your smartphone(Android) in school as a note book to write down notes on course you are taking in school. This isn't just to save a short note or a quick note NO, with the help of some Android apps you can write a full note with your Android phone or tablet and have them saved. Below are the apps to help you with.

Best Android Apps For School 

1# Evernote 

Evernote has close to 1.4 million reviews in the Google Play Store. It has grown from an app that lets you take notes to one of the best Android apps that give you the right tools to keep your work professionally organized. Evernote is the best app for college students looking for alternative to books, pencils and pens. The ability to record audio files is quite a unique feature of the app. Besides taking notes, you can record your lectures in class, and, even, embed photos if you want.
Download Evernote APK

2# Lecture Notes 

Lecture Note isn’t a free app; it costs $3.75 in Google Play Store. The cost is worth it, though because Lecture Notes is the first education app that allows students and lecturers to take notes by handwriting on the screen. It is a university-level app – it was designed with university students in mind.
Download LectureNotes

3# Todoist 

You can accomplish amazing things with Todoist app for Android. The app has a simple interface that lets you create a list of daily activities. You can refer to the list every morning to see what you need to do every day.
Download Todoist

4# Google Drive 

Google Drive It’s actually the best solution for college students who would like to store their files or document in the cloud. Once your files are store in Google Drive, you will never have to worry about data loss, even when your own computer or Android smartphone crashes. The instant messaging built into the app will help you work with other students, or lecturers, in real time. Google gives you 15 GB of storage space for free.
Download Google Drive

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