Monday, 25 April 2016

Before Buying Samsung Galaxy S7, Check Out Its Common Problems

Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are currently one of the best Android smartphone right now and with the brand name, many people are rushing to buy the two phones even right here in Nigeria in as much the cost of getting the two devices.

But as it is, Samsung galaxy s7 comes with some common problems which some users are complaining but i must say its just a minor issues before you get biased about the two powerful smartphones right now.

Common Problems or Complaints Of Samsung Galaxy S7 

Battery Draining: It is still very surprising that Samsung still haven't rectify or solve this issue of battery draining on Samsung device and Galaxy S7 isn't left out with a poor battery life. Even when they(Samsung) said they will upgrade their battery life but still no one is experiencing the effect on galaxy S7. But if you want to improve the battery life on your galaxy, please turn off running apps that you don't need. 

Camera Failed error

Some galaxy S7 users are complaining about Warning: Camera Failed but this case is very rare i must say and if are experiencing this error problem try and clear camera cache and force stop the camera. 

Buttons Problems

Before buying Samsung Galaxy S7 please check the buttons on phone if they are working properly as some users are complaining about buttons on their S7 not working a times. Remember this happened to my galaxy s3 and some say it is a software issue while others say it is a hardware issue but very few users are experiencing this button issue problem. 

Wi-Fi not working properly

Many owners of galaxy S7 reported painfully slow Wi-Fi speeds, interference from the Bluetooth radio, Gmail refusing to sync over Wi-Fi and various other wireless connection and performance issues. Maybe a software update will rectify this issue of WiFi not working properly on S7 device.

If there are other issues you too is having with Samsung Galaxy S7 please don't forget to share it here thanks. 



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  1. Not a lick of trouble out of my S7 Edge.

  2. Wow good to hear that bro but this is S7 and again not all S7 are having issues but many are complaining especially the battery draining.

  3. One problem I'm having is, whilst having my fingerprinting security activated, it will lock me out with my backup security. Such as the pin or pattern options; suddenly what was previously working for weeks will not work at all. Wrong pattern, wrong pin. And I get locked out. I don't get it. Never happened on other devices. As long as it reads my finger print I'm ok. But if I try to turn off the other options, I get locked out.

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