Tuesday, 15 March 2016

When Will Nigeria Have 4G LTE Network

This is the question Internet lovers in Nigeria ask always, when Nigeria will launch its 4G LTE Network. Yes you heard that Nitel will be launching 4G network in Nigeria soon and people can pre-order for their own special 0804 sim card.

But you should know that this was said last year September or early October that in November Nitel will launch 4G LTE Network In Nigeria but till now nothing yet, haven't even seen any ads about nitel and the 4G LTE Network.

Few days back, China was saying that they are planning to upgrade to 5G network as 4G LTE Network isn't enough for them anymore and if it goes through it will spread to the rest part of the world, but here we are battling with a slow, unstable and outdated 3G in this country and mind you 4G LTE Network was launched in 2009.

Though the data services in Nigeria are extremely costly still they are not fast and stable accept when browsing or downloading in the midnight. Our network providers mtn, etisalat, airtel and Glo doesn't seem to care after all NCC isn't disturbing them about poor network services.

Just take a look at the case of etisalat smart pack, To me this is just pure wickedness. Etisalat smart pack is for social media but you can't enjoy it on Facebook app due to its extreme slow speed rate which they purposely made it to be that way but i tell you in developed countries you can't see such network provider with a snail like Internet data speed.

Just imagine yourself download a 5G file under 20mins, streaming online without a bit of buffering or hanging, that's 4G network for you and imagine what 5G network will be. Nigeria as big as it is should have a 4G LTE Network by now but right now no one is talking about it accept for nitel that we are still waiting for.

Well as Nitel is on the verge of launching a 4G LTE Network in Nigeria, let's hope that others will join the trend and it will be a stable and fast one even when it is raining cat and dog.

Nitel LTE 4G network will be launched in late March or April but first will be in the three majors cities Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt till it spread across.

When will Nigeria have a 4G LTE Network, it is yet to be answered as we await for the first network to do so.



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