Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Update Notice On Etisalat Smart Pak Tweak

Some people are still asking for ips for etisalat social pack or chat pack, but the fact is that etisalat have blocked the use of ips on VPN to access their server and this was the reason why etisalat N0.0k magic ip stopped working.

The major reason why etisalat blocked ips on VPN is because of magic ip and now the only way to browse with etisalat social pack or chat pack is without ip and port which is what i even prefer. So if you don't know how to set it up see it below.

Etisalat social pack or chat pack settings without ip 

1# Open your psiphon handler
2# proxy type select Real Host
3# proxy server input
4# Real proxy type select http
5# Real proxy port 80
6# click save
7# click option and more options
8# now if there is an ip and port there remove it and leave the two completely Blank. 
9# Untick connect through http proxy
10# press back and exit the psiphon handler, open it and reconnect again.

Bypassing the etisalat speed throttling 

This is the reason why i stopped using etisalat smart pack, to bypass the speed throttling you will have to switch off your data connection and switching it on again till your speed increases and you shouldn't try to disconnect it after the speed rate is high.

But the fact is that now if the speed increases, etisalat on their own will disconnect it through blinking of their network connection and it will return to slow speed and will require you to repeat same process all over again.

Before in my area, etisalat is very stable and if i bypass the speed throttling the network connection bar won't blink and i will stay connected for hours at a very high speed but now due to excessive disconnection and network bar blinking a lot, is now very frustrating for me but if you have a very stable etisalat network then you should try the social media pack.



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  1. Please does the N200 monthly social me work??

    1. N200 social me? There's no such but rather N100 and N300.

  2. I av been browsing lyk dis long b4 u posted it, dis tin dey disconnect lyk madt.. I don tire, it's neva stable, I repeat neva.. disconnection ti take over

    1. This isn't the first time I've talked about etisalat smart pack without ip and port, the first was last year September but always repeat it for the new commers.

  3. Pls what about simple server settings.... If it does work with ss, can I use it on pc too??

    1. Because of the restriction of ips it doesn't work for simple Server as you can't access simple Server without ip and port.

  4. Is there a data cap? And how much is it capped at?

  5. Is it unlimited?

  6. Is it unlimited?