Thursday, 17 March 2016

List Of MTN 150mb Tweak

For the fact that mtn blocked the best tweak ever doesn't mean it is the end of world for us, we are still looking into it though yesterday mtn did a system upgrade but it won't still stop the leakage.

Now we will manage what is available in mtn network if you don't want to spend a dime in bb10 bis or any other data plan, so now it is the mtn 150mb Tweak and is quite unfortunate that they also blocked a way of auto renewal. Below are the list of mtn 150mb data.

List of 150mb mtn data tweak

1# Mtn Music plus: the oldest or the very first, if you want to get Mtn music plus 150mb, send D to 5900 or i to 5900. This is on weekly basis and will be best if you have up to 4 or 5 mtn sim card just for browsing tweaks.

2# Mtn Game Plus: This is another 150mb Tweak mtn introduced but one thing is this is not on daily or weekly basis but rather on monthly basis. Once you get the 150mb, that's all for the sim even if you opt out or cancel it, you won't still receive another 150mb data.

People talked about kaymu but i tell you mtn have blocked the 200mb kaymu, jovago jumia bundle. If you try that kaymu thing, you will see its just 5mb which is worthless. 

Am extremely busy with a project and haven't had time to check mtn free servers but will try that tonight to see if there is more 150mb Tweak or Unlimited ones including other networks like etisalat and airtel. 
  1. I Can't Subscribe To Any BB10 DATA Plans....Pls Help...

  2. sir ples will money be deducted after sending the code

  3. sir ples will money be deducted after sending the code and how do I use the 150 mb to power my phone completly instead of just music plus


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