Wednesday, 16 March 2016

How To Stop or Opt Out Of MTN Play

Have you noticed mtn deducting your airtime on weekly or monthly basis in the name of mtn play, be it mtnplay English or Mtnplay Fashion. Mtn play attracts a fee of N50 per month and many a time mtn on their own will subscribe someone to this their services without the person consent or approval.
This happened to me last year and to make it worst you won't see the code to opt out or it will be very difficult for one to opt for such services. If mtn have been deducting your airtime in the name of mtn play here's the method to opt out or unsubscribe from it.

How to stop or Opt out of mtnplay English or Fashion 

>>>> With the particular sim they always deduct airtime from, insert it on your phone or tablet with data bundle on the sim m
>>>> Visit on your phone or tablet
>>>> when it opens, click the option menu and again click my mtnplay.
>>>> You will get to more options, click on my subscription and it will display the particular service you subscribed to.
>>>> Click on that particular one you subscribe to be it English, fashion, sports new etc and there you will see how to unsubscribe from it and you can now opt out of the mtnplay service.

Best Method To Unsubscribe From mtnplay 

The other method might seem a long process for you, here's the easiest and best method to unsubscribe from mtn play.

* CNN Breaking News:  SMS UFCNN to 700
* CNN Breaking News: SMS CNNBREAK STOP to 700
* CNN Politics: SMS CNNPOL STOP to 700
* CNN Business: SMS CNNBIZ to 700
* CNN Entertainment: SMS CNNENT to 700
* CNN Sport: SMS CNNSPORT to 700
* Learn English Weekky: SMS ULEN to 700
* BBC News: SMS STOP NEWS to 4200
* Local News English: SMS STOP1 to 33555
* Weather Updates OUT512 to 35070
* Football Updates: SMS STOP to 4080
* Local News Pidgin: SMS ULNPIDGIN to 700
* Local News Yoruba: SMS ULNYORUBA to 700
* Guardian: SMS UGBN to 700
* Forex update: SMS UFOREX to 700
* AFP News: SMS UAFP to 700
* Love Messages: SMS CANCELLOVE to 33118
* Love Quotes Weekly: SMS UWLQUOTE to 700
* Health Tips: SMS OUTGHT to 35070
* MTV Base Weekly: SMS UMTV to 700
* Next Nollywood Star: NNS to 33141
* Celebrity News Weeky: UWMCELEBN to 700
* Hollywood News Weekly:  WMHOLLYN to 700
* Pop Gossip: CANCEL POP 33115
* EPL Weekly: SMS UEPL to 700
* Sports Weekly News: SMS USNEWS to 700
SMS UFG to 700 or STOP ALL to 33555
* Chelsea FC News: SMS UCFC to 700
* Chelsea FC Monthly: SMS NO CFM to 4900
* Chelsea FC Weekly: SMS NO CFW to 4900

These are the codes to stop or Opt out of mtnplay.



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