Monday, 14 March 2016

How To Control Your TV Using Your IOS Device

In my previous post it was about controlling your TV or other electronics appliances with youryour Android phone or tablet, then now is how you can control your TV set or AC with your ios device like iPhone or iPad.
When it comes to ios and due to its restrictions to developers, it doesn't have much applications which you can control your electronic home appliances with your iPhone or iPad. But below are the only two available apps especially if it wasn't pre-installed in your device.

How to control your TV, DVD, AC etc with your iPhone or iPad 

1# iRule For iPhone

This is the very first i will recommend, and the app is free on iTunes Store, specially designed to control your Smart device through your ios device like iPhone or iPad.

Download Here

2# Google Tv Remote

another cool app fro you ios device by google. This app is freely available for your ios devices and controls all the Wireless Connections enabled devices from your iPhone, iPad or other ios devices.

Download Here

If you know any other app for ios please kindly share it here through the comment box thanks. So this two apps will help and take full control of your TV set or AC through your device and if you like this post don't forget to share it thanks.



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