Sunday, 13 March 2016

Chinese Boy cuts off his finger after parents banned Him From Using a smartphone

Can you imagine seeing your kid cutting off his finger because you
banned him or her from using a smartphone. Smartphone addiction is now on rampart especially among the young ones with the likes of selfie or gaming killing the young ones now.

Following arguments with his parents for asking to keep his hands off a phone, 11-year-old-boy from China cut of his own index finger apparently as a mark of protest, reported.

In the case of this kid, he woke up and instantly grabbed his phone, which resulted in an argument with his mother when he wouldn’t put it down. This was followed by a later argument with his father over the same problem,” the report said.

Arguments with his parents over the phone left the boy so upset, the boy went to the kitchen, grabbed a knife, and sliced off the end of his own index finger. The boy was rushed to hospital along with the severed part of his finger and surgeons spent three hours reattaching it. Although index fingers are not essential to smartphone use, they are heavily used digits when it comes to interacting with a touchscreen.

If the surgery is unsuccessful it shouldn’t stop the boy from using his smartphone, but it could make playing games or using multitouch for anything a bit more difficult, the report added.



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