Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Review Of Cheapest Data Bundle in Nigeria For The Month of March

We are in the month of new month March and im up with the review of cheap or free Internet data connection in the country which involves the whole net in Nigeria mtn, glo, etisalat and airtel.

Cheap or free mtn, etisalat, airtel and Glo Internet data for March 2016 


Mtn have been really good to us since the turn of this year, you can browse free without any charge or little amount and download Unlimited and stream as well. People kept on saying that the mtn N0.0k isn't working for them but yesterday i bought a new sim and tried it especially with music plus settings and it connected though takes time.

Mtn BB10 Bis; This is almost going to 2-3yrs now this was introduced to Android and mtn still allowed it to work for Android, iPhone and PC, though they blocked BBC which is Unlimited and that was what everyone was using, they allowed bb10 to continue working on other platform not just bb10 phone.

STill now mtn BB10 Bis is still working for both Android, iPhone and PC with data still capped at 5GB.

Mtn Magic Sim, N0.0k, music plus and GM 150mb; in this category, mtn Magic Sim is the best as I'm using it, will cost you just N250 to do it, browse, download and stream unlimited without any data and to crown it all it works on any type of operating system Android, iPhone, Windows mobile, PC, MAC, Blackberry etc as it doesn't require any tunnel software.

Mtn N0.0k is still working for some according to a reader here and said that he is using "" in proxy server that is the settings that i posted in my previous post.

Mtn music plus and GM are working but capped at 150mb but you can't continously getting the 150mb per day.


Is quite unfortunate that we are left with etisalat smart pack as etisalat magic ips was blocked few weeks back, nothing much with etisalat other than social and chat pack which are now extremely difficult to bypass the speed throttling. I no longer fancy think tweak again as etisalat made it difficult for one to enjoy it like before. But etisalat have 1GB data capped at N1000 and 2GB at N2000, if you need more information go to their Website or


For now nothing much on airtel free browsing though I'mtrying to figure out something and hopes it works out but for the main time use airtel data bundle. They have 2GB for N1500, airtel weekend data and time based but man i will recommend you to use mtn as it is the cheapest you can get for now.


Even though Glo increased their monthly blackberry data bundle plan, you can go for Glo 6GB for N1500(Now N1900) which is the combination of two data bundle and here's the procedure to activate Glo N1500 but now N1900 as GLO increased the blackberry monthly data plan. If you noticed immediately some fools posted this on nairaland, glo increased their monthly blackberry data plan from N1000 to N1400.

How to activate Glo N1500 for 6GB (Now N1900) data plan 

1 Load N1,000 airtime and activate the monthly plan of 3GB by dialing *777*21# and you’ll be given 3GB for 30days.
2. Also, load N500 airtime on that same Glo Sim card and dial *777# and follow the prompt [Data Services » Buy Data » Night and Weekend plans], then select 2 for weekend plan to activate the Glo 3GB for N500.

After that switch off your phone and power it on again and you are good to go.

These are the cheapest data bundle in Nigeria for March 2016  zpykios blog would recommend to anyone, but if you have any you want to suggest no problem just feel free and drop your opinion thanks.



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  1. The Glo subscription works on all platforms? I want to know if I can use it on iphone.

    1. The the Glo N1400 is for blackberry but with Android tweaking(changing of imei) it works but one can't do such on iOS. But the other one works for iOS bit it is only on weekends.

    2. That's sad. You also promised mtn openvpn servers. Since all the last you posted stopped working.

    3. Hahaha sorry oo, mehn many things plenty for my head yesterday that i didn't even update my site. Give me 30mins and you will see it this time. Sorry for failing m

  2. Broda my magic sim card is working fine and owk....

    1. Enjoy all the downloading, streaming live matches, sports, videos, movies andddddd pornnoo hahaha no mind me oo. Also use this opportunity to update your device.

  3. Nice one bro. Am still with Airtel 1gb for 1000 naira Data