Saturday, 19 March 2016

Charge Your Smartphone Battery Faster With These Best Tips

One thing we have to bear in mind is that not all charger are equal, like for example my lg g2 charger charge very fast to compare with my Galaxy S4 charger.
And as it is here with the way our electricity supply is you might get frustrated that you device didn't charge enough before the power goes off or there is a situation you will find yourself with a limited time to charge your device and wish it will charge faster.
There are some tips to help you to charge your smartphone or device faster than before.

Don't charge your device with a computer or DVD USB Port 
The first tip is don't charge you smartphone with a computer or DVD USB charging ports. If you connect your smartphone to a computer or DVD USB port, it will charge but not as fast as when using a standard USB port.
A high-power USB port on a recent computer may be good enough depending on your device, but it’s better to rely on a dedicated charger if you’re in a hurry.

Use a very powerful charger 
If you know that you device charger doesn't charge very fast, it is advisable to get a better one that will charge it very fast like for example like i said before my lg g2 charger charges very fast unlike my friend Galaxy S4 and at times he borrows my lg g2 charger to charge his Galaxy s4 and in a twinkle of an eye is already fully charged. Though most chargers sold here are fake, so be very careful when buying a charger.

Put your device into airplane mode 
The less your phone has to do, the more quickly it'll recharge — so at the very least, enable airplane mode to speed up charging. Every device is different, but you most likely know how to turn airplane mode on on yours.

Airplane mode blocks any wireless radios on your device, which means you won’t receive any calls or messages, or have internet access, while it's enabled, but it’s worth it to get a faster power boost and have a device that will stay on for the next few hours.

Use a good USB Cable 
Not all USB cables are equal, either. For best results, use the cable that came with the device. Cheap USB cables you buy afterwards can’t necessarily transmit the full amount of power, and may charge your phone or tablet much slower.

Turn off your device completely 
If your device is at 5% and wants it to charge very fast, please turn it off especially if you are not expecting an important call. This helps your smartphone to charge very fast than the other tips above.



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