Sunday, 20 March 2016

How To Boot Your Android Phone Into Safe Mode

Many of us doesn't know that there's a safe mode in Android phone and tablet and whenever you are experiencing troubleshooting with your Android device, booting into safe mode can help to solve the problem.

Most of us a very familiar with safe mode in Windows where by you can uninstall any app you feels that is causing problem on your Windows same goes with Android too. Sometimes Samsung galaxy phones can boot into safe mode on its own if there's a problem be it software or hardware issue.

In this tutorial, you will see how to boot your Android phone or tablet into safe mode and resolve any software issue your Android device is having.

How to boot into safe mode on Android phone or tablet 

>>> first turn off your phone and turn it on again, press the home button which which shows power off, restart, airplane etc, long press on power off

>>> You will see reboot into safe mode, click OK and your phone or tablet will reboot into safe mode. Please you have to note that booting your device into safe mode will only show pre-installed apps, any apps you downloaded will not show and this will help you to find the very last app installed that is causing troubleshooting on your Android phone or tablet.

>>> If you want to exit from safe mode, power off your device and restart it, the safe mode below the left corner of your phone willing disappear.

Note this method is for Android 4.2.2 upwards, for Android 4.0 below here's how to boot your Android phone into safe mode.

>>> You need to turn off your Device first.

>>> Now Power on your device during boot screen logo, You just need to hold the Volume Up+ Down button together until it finishes booting. You will be in a safe mode.

>>> To exit the safe mode you just need to reboot your phone. And you will be back into its normal mode

With this you can remove virus from your Android phone or tablet, apps that you are finding difficult to uninstall etc, so if you are having troubleshooting with your Android phone or tablet with this is how to boot your Android device into safe mode to solve the problem.



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