Sunday, 20 March 2016

Best MicroSD Card To Buy And How To Detect The Fake One's

MicroSD is a very useful tool or a portable electronic device which helps in storing files, documents, music or pictures etc in our mobile device.
MicroSD Card plays a very vital role in our mobile phones especially phones with low internal storage which helps to store necessary files and not to run out of space.

MicroSD Card is very useful and nice to have but as it is now there's so many fake one's sold in the market especially in Nigeria where we have fake products all over the market. And there's is even danger in buying and inserting a fake SD card into your phone which might cause damage to the phone(happened to me).

Also it is good when buying an SD card to for the known or popular ones though their fake ones is also in the market but at least buy from a reliable source.

Best MicroSD Card To Buy 
If you are looking for the best MicroSD Card to buy, here's the best brands to go for
  1. SanDisk 
  2. Samsung 
  3. Kingston 
  4. Transcend 
  5. Panasonic 
  6. Sony
These six different brands are the the best Manufacturers of microSD card especially SanDisk. If you are buying a microSD card and where given an unbranded one don't take it cause they are the fake ones. 

How to detect the fake ones 
Many fake microSD card sold in Nigeria are unbranded that is it does not have a company or manufacturer's name written on it or the model of the product, it's just plain.

For android device, there’s this application called SD insight which helps to give you information about the microSD card that is the manufacturer, the model and the capacity of the SD card and the serial number. So if it's a fake one it won't read anything there by confirming that the MicroSD Card is a fake one.(search for SD insight from Google play store and download it from there).

Some fake SD card that bears a popular brand name, check very well you will notice that it is not well written like for example Samsung original have both the name and capacity with the model written on it but the fake only Samsung is written on it.

Many fake microSD card capacity isn't complete, you will see a 64GB while actually it's 4GB and how to detect this is to insert the SD card into your phone and transfer files to it you will see it show memory full. If you buying an SD card in Nigeria you must do this especially if you don't trust the seller before paying for it.

Some microSD card will show invalid when inserted into your phone or you try to transfer files it won't go through or if it does it will corrupt the files they are fake microSD card and can even damage your phone.

That's is it. If you got any question or microSD card related problem post it will try and help you.



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