Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Best lock screens For Your Android Phone or Tablet

Sometimes we get bored of our mobile device home lock screen and feels like there is a need to change it and try another one, and as it goes with Android which is a flexible OS, one can be able to change the pre-installed phone or tablet lock screen.

In the Google Play store there are tons of lock one will find there but is good to always go for the best and I'm going to show you the best Android Lock Screen for your Android phone or tablet.

Slidelock Locker 

This is a very fantastic lock screen which is similar to iPhone lock screen and it has got all the innovative features to let you offer a complete secured Android Smartphone. You also get all of your notifications on your home screen like a iPhone. It's Simple and decent user interface to add more life to your Smartphone experience.

Download slidelock Locker here

Cm locker

CM Locker brings that super-thin font and translucence, complete with a slide-up quick settings menu. You can quickly launch the calculator, turn on airplane mode, or turn off WiFi.
Cm locker also has similar way of launching the camera like the iPhone which you swipe the camera icon up and take quick photos.
Most elegant feature of CM Locker is how it performs music playback. When you’re playing a song from any of your music apps you’ll see a record player with the the album art in the middle of the mock record.

Download CM locker here

C Locker pro 

C Locker Pro is a sizeable lock screen package that has a ton of features and shortcuts to refine your lock screen with. There are over 30 custom shortcuts you can create to make calls, access apps, or read notifications from your preferred social networks. Favourite options of C Locker pro is being able to double- or triple-tap your screen to turn it off - a feature usually reserved for high-end phones.

Download C Locker Pro here

Picturesque Lock Screen

This puts Bing’s best feature on your lock screen, the gorgeous homepage that displays a different nature or architecture photo every day. If you don’t like the day’s selection, just shake your phone for a new one. Swipe to the right to save the image to your phone or make it your wallpaper.
There is quick access to your favorite apps and a steady diet of new information and also two other screens: one features news and sports updates (courtesy of Bing, of course) and the other gives quick access to Bluetooth, WiFi, and other settings.

Download picturesque Lock Screen here

Locker Master

Locker Master is among the more stylish lock screen replacement apps on this list. You can use things such as interactive live wallpapers and themes to put a truly creative spin on your lock screen. You can also do stuff like show animated weather and weather forecast, use iOS 7 style pattern and PIN unlock, display notifications, and it even comes with a built-in flashlight. It does have a bug here and there but it’s also totally free so it’s worth a shot.

Download Locker Master here

Next Locker 

Next Lock Screen is Microsoft’s take on the Android lock screen. The quickest way to describe is if Dashclock Widget were, in fact, a lock screen replacement app. It shows you a lot of information on the lock screen and allows you to quickly do things like call people and reply to notifications. You can also quick launch apps and check calendar appointments. It is rather new and that means there are still some kinks to work out. That said, it’s still shaping up to be a solid lock screen option.

Download Next Lock screen here

Looking for best Android phone or tablet lock screen, these are the best i have for you today.



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