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Best Dating Site(Apps) For Android Phone And Tablet

There are times you might get bored with your phone and decide to try new thing or a different thing with your Android phone or tablet, checking out dating site on your phone or tablet is really nice and sweet as you got to meet new people both male and female and make friends with them or flirt a little bit.

It really a fun to do, can remember when 2go was on the trend people got to meet new people, so that's how some of these Android apps for dating is and you can connect to people of different race and age all over the world.

Best Dating Sites(Apps) for Android Phone And Tablet 

Best Dating sites(apps) for Android goes below starting from the best to the least.


Badoo is where to meet up with and hang out with people who are near your GPS location. Of course, this can be spun into a dating service if you use it for that sort of thing. Like all dating and geolocation-based apps, you’ll likely get a few spam bots and have to ignore people you don’t want to talk to. But if you want to meet other people round the world of best is to use a VPN and access Baddo as it uses a phone ip to know your location. 

Download Baddo APK

Couplemaker Dating

Couplemaker Dating is a great dating app for those who want to take things slow. Each day, the service will find another person that you may match up with. You can then choose to “favorite” them. If they ever favorite you back, then your contact details become available to them and vice versa so you can connect. The app is highly rated and the service boasts that over 2000 people per day are connected. 


Lovoo focuses on the geolocation-based aspect of meeting people but with one subtle difference. Instead of focusing on just who is around you, the app also focuses on interests. It acts a bit more like a social media platform than a meeting/dating app so you can thoroughly express your interests and find people with interests similar to yours. It can also help you find events to attend near you


Happn is another geolocation-based connection app where you can meet people in the world around you.The way it works is you sign up for a profile. Then whenever you walk passed another member of the service, their profile shows up on your timeline and you can connect with them as you please. Like other apps, you can “like” them, but this app handles all likes privately and if the “like” is reciprocated, a connection is made. The mutual opt-in style of meeting is especially good for people who don’t want to be heckled by every creep they walk passed. There is also a charm feature that shows your profile to the person you really like. 


OkCupid is another one of the well-known dating sites and, again, one of the few with a decent Android app. It’s more of a traditional dating app that tries to match you with potential suitors based on your likes and interests. It’s also one of the very few traditional dating sites that doesn’t charge for private messaging.

You can go to Google play store and download all the dating sites for Android phone and tablet. 



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