Saturday, 5 March 2016

Best Apps To Enjoy MTN Magic With

This is a fun post guys, for us to enjoy magic Sim or any other unlimited free browsing to the fullest. So this post is for all the best application for Android, ios, Windows that one haven't used due to limited data but will enjoy it now because of unlimited data.

So i will start it by posting sweet amazing applications that you will enjoy the MTN Magic Sim with okay and you too will also share with us through the comment box.

Best Application to enjoy MTN Magic Sim 


1# Kodi application: can be used to watch movies, sports or live TV. Probably the best streaming application I've ever seen.
Download Kodi here 

2# UktvNow: the second best, started using it way back in 2013 but then it wasn't sweet but now they have added lots of features and channels. You can watch live movies, music, sports, documentary, shows etc, they have all dstv channels apart from Nigerian movies and with MTN Magic Sim or any unlimited data you will enjoy it to the fullest.
Download UktvNow

3# World Sports Stream: my previous best application for sports during the time of Etisalat pay go, then there are few live football stream app for Android. Now it's still my best though i use anyone i see or probably stream links. This application is for live sports stream as the name implies and you can watch any live sports with it though it includes live movie channels too.
Download Wss apk

4# Movie HD: As the name indicates, this is for movies and TV series. If you want to stream or download current or old movies, Movie HD will do that for and at a high quality display.
Download Movie HD

5# Show Box: Show box is an old popular movie stream application, just like movie HD, you can stream and download with it and it has lots of old movies unlike movie HD.
Download Show Box

6# SportsTv: This application is like wss that i was thinking if it's same person or the developer copied wss. But it's still for live football or sports streaming at a high quality display like wss.
Download SportsTv 1.8

7# Mobdro: Very popular here in Nigeria but for me i don't use this application due to its low quality display. Mobdro features both sports and movie channels, music and TV shows, telenovela and lots of TV channels.
Download Mobdro

8# Torrent Stream Controller: If you want to stream movies or live football matches at an extremely high quality this application is for you, psiphon handler don't work with it apart from tweakware. With Mtn Magic Sim you will enjoy it but you must have a high internet speed if not it will hang.
Download Torrent Stream Controller

We have the likes of Ustream, Mobi Kora, sybla TV.


You can use this magic sim to play online Android Games that psiphon handler couldn't and also download live radio too and listen to all radio channels in this world.

IOS will be the next post. But i don't know if i have iOS users here, if there is please indicate. 

Hey this is all that i know and what about you, do you have any application that i didn't mention here please drop the name below for all to see and check it as well.
  1. Me.. I use ios

    1. Thanks zpy, haven't seen that torrent stream controller before and it's very sharp.

  2. after downloading big file wort 11gig my magic Sim now slow Wats d cause

    1. You used the first method right and did you download the 11gig at once. Bro once your sim is slow, there's nothing to do other than to get a new sim, recharge N250 and follow the second method.

  3. This is caused by you exceeding the 150mb before its expiry date which is the next day but if you follow the second method, it will expire before you begin to browse and download.

  4. well found out daht 2h plan is no longer available for now oh did u noticed it

    1. Yes of course, my first magic sim isn't going but the other two are still connecting. This magic sim was all over the place including nairaland.

  5. my Sim don dey work back sha Abeg msg me on WhatsApp 08060470696

  6. pls add me up on WhatsApp 08060470696 wanna update u on something

    1. Hope you stick to what you said and won't say another thing.

  7. abeg zpy, add me for that your whatsapp group 07063080077

  8. you have a nice place thanks for sharing


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