Saturday, 12 March 2016

Best App Switcher For Android Phone And Tablet

Still on multitasking on Android phone or tablet and have been looking for best applications to enjoy fast multitasking on Android and have come up with one app called easy app Switcher.
Easy App switcher is a simple app that can help you switch between apps with a single tap. Easy App Switcher lets you switch between the current app and last opened app at a very fast rate.

Features Of Easy App Switcher 

It contains a floating bubble. You can quickly switch between two recently opened apps with a tap on the bubble. Now, if you slide left or right (depending where the bubble is on your screen) you can see all the recently opened apps.

How To Set Up Easy App Switcher 

1# After installing, you’ll need to enable it by swiping on the top-right corner of the app, swipe the button to the right. It will activate the floating bubble. Now, the first setting is to set the default action for the bubble. Tap on it and you’ll see different actions.

If you want to quickly switch back and forth between two apps then you have to choose the first action. If you want to tap on the bubble and see for other recently opened apps then you got to select the second action. With the second action, you can set different icons in place of the bubble. You get the option for under Customize Floating Icon. Here, you can select the icon that you want.

2# To Add Favorite Apps 
To add favorite apps to the bubble tap on Add Favorite Apps and select the apps which will appear below the line in the floating bubble.

3# Switch between Apps
 In the Advanced Settings there is a feature that will let you switch between 3 recently opened app by just tapping on the bubble. You can do this by going to Advanced Settings in the app and select Picture in Picture.

If you want to customize easy app Switcher to your taste, go to customisation and set it the way it suites you. So this is another multitasking application for Android phone and tablet and with easy app Switcher it is very fast to multitask on your Android device.

Download Easy App Switcher APK

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