Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Updated How To Tether Android Phone To PC Using PdaNet

There are so much ways of tethering your Android device to you pc, I've made up to two post based on how to phone tethering to pc. Today i will be discussing another method which among currently using and think method involves another application called PdaNet.

With PdaNet you can tether your Android device or phone to your PC or Mac which you can browse the net on your pc with your mobile phone internet connection.

How to tether Android phone to pc using PdaNet 

Below is how to tether or connect your Android phone to your PC so as to browse on your pc with your Android phone internet connection and set up.
  1. First you have to download PdaNet for your pc(download links below) and install it. During the installation you'll be prompted to select your phone manufacturer and also connect your device via USB (enable USB debugging on your Android phone in Settings > Applications > Development). You may be warned by Windows Security that the publisher of the driver software can't be verified, but just ignore that prompt and choose to "Install this driver software. 
  2. Download and install PdaNet for your Android phone(download links below). 
  3. After you have installed PdaNet on PC or Mac 
  4. Go to the PdaNet app on your smartphone open it and select "Enable USB Tether," then use the USB cable to connect your device to your laptop.
  5. You'll get a pop-up window on the laptop that you can click to connect the phone to PdaNet.
  6. You may also have to click on the PdaNet icon in your taskbar, and select "Connect Internet."
Once you click it will connect. If you are using Psiphon Handler or any other tunnel software on your phone tidy browse, what you will do is to first of all connect your Psiphon Handler to the internet followed by connecting PdaNet to your PC.

Download PdaNet For Android And PC

This is another method on how to tether or connect your Android phone to your PC using PdaNet, if you have any question to ask, drop it on the comment box.

Update 28 June 2016 

PdaNet is the only best way to connect your smartphone to your PC and having tried etisalat bis on simple Server for PC, it was giving me error messages though will continue to try it. So what you should do it to use this pdanet to Tether your Android phone or tablet to your PC.

Note one can't tether two phones with hotspot using psiphon handler and lastly if your PC is a TV ie it goes off immediately light goes off, please don't try this pdanet unless you are using a generator at that moment.

PdaNet requires you to disconnect your phone first before turning off the pdanet on your PC as it might make your phone to go blank when it suddenly goes off. There are several cases of this issue and that's why i want to harmer on this issue.



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  1. Pls I need foxfi key to make it work for long cos without the foxfi key it's used to stop at some point. Pls once gain help me with the foxfi key. Thanks and I'll appreciate.

    1. Did you download the above file, it is there. All the files are zipped together, just unzip it and you will see it.

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