Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Simple Server Settings With Mtn N0.0k Unlimited free Browsing

I have made several post about mtn N0.0k settings on psiphon handler or related psiphon handler and also openvpn Connect. Today is for simple Server and if you love to use simple Server to surf the net then stay connected.
This is coming late cause honestly I've stopped using simple Server, always prefer psiphon handler or Netify to it but when it comes to download, simple Server is the best due to its high speed for downloading.

Simple Server Settings for mtn N0.0k Unlimited free Browsing 

I bet you have the latest version of simply Android server, someone asked me for a cracked version that consists no ads and that really pissed me off, he finally made it for free(the VPN) and use ads to gain some little bucks out of his effort still you want an ad free one but refused to go for a premium.

Do you know that they do pay for the VPN and the psiphon handler we are using, Indonesians, philipinos, Pakistans do make donations to have it running coupled with ads but hey we Nigerians can't appreciate for a little bit.

Back to business:

  • Open your simple Server v4.0 and click on connection settings. 
  • In proxy host input and proxy port 8080. 
  • Click choose tweak type and select injection. 
  • Injection method select between Get and Head. 
  • Injection query/url input or
  • Injection host input
  • Injection line click on arrow button 4 times but depends as the space should be 4 lines. 
Press back, you can select between VPN or Local server and then finally connect. Y should know that this tweak atimes takes time to connect but try switch off your data and reconnect again in case it is not connecting. 
  1. Download link of this saw please

    1. Go to Google play store and download it from there(the latest version).

  2. It connects but no app works.


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