Saturday, 27 February 2016

Simple Server Now Called NetLoop VPN With Version 4.1.1

If you have been to Google play store to check if there's any update on simple Android server, you will see it is now called NetLop VPN, the reason the developer changed it is best known to him.

If you check on Google play you will notice there up to 2 simple Servers but with different interface and layout(if you check it out). This application started on Nokia symbian days and then Lord Zouga wasn't the original creator but he used the name SIMPLE SERVER to develop his own SIMPLE ANDROID Server with an interface far better and simple.

And that is what we Nigerians are using now, but now i think he has gained the popularity and now feels like changing it to his own brand name NetLoop VPN(my assumption).

Features of NetLoop VPN 

VPN features:

• HTTP request Compression.
•Ability to modify TCP connection parameters.
• Ability to use hotspot over VPN ( Requires root )
•Ability to use multiple concurrent connections to the VPN servers for the best Network usage experience

Local Server Features 

•modify outgoing requests.
•specify alternate proxy servers to send a request through
•provide alternate headers and ability to strip headers from incoming http responses
•ability to choose number of connections to be maintained by the app (good for power management)
•ability to share configurations through any file transfer method.
•System wide proxy service

Download NetLoop VPN APK
  1. nawaoooo......I just hope it works fine..

    all these English

    will it overide the settings?
    I mean when updated

  2. hope the settings remains the same?

    same local settings and vpn settings

    1. You for open nam and check, it still same thing just the name changed.

  3. Is this working smartpack?

    1. No, simple Server requires ip and port. Use psiphon handler.

  4. Why is simple server no longer working with UC browser? Please I need help

  5. Bro please how do I configure it for bblited and 0.0k. Thanks in advance

    1. Edu follow this link and configure your simple Server for bblited

      For now forget about mtn N0.0k tweak.

    2. Your link is not opening

    3. Copy and paste it in your browser, didn't make it clickable.


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