Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Robots to take over Human Jobs in next 30 years

A computer expert in the US has predicted that machines will be able to do better or perform better than human beings. Robots will take over all the jobs humans do and will lead to rise in unemployment within the next 30 years.

A computer expert in the United States has predicted that robots and intelligent machines would be able to take over jobs traditionally performed by humans and would result in significant rise in unemployment. Moshe Vardi, professor of computational engineering at Rice University in Houston, Texas has said that more than half the population would be unemployed within 30 years. Speaking at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) annual meeting in Washington, Professor Vardi predicted that developments in robotics and artificial intelligence would create a workplace revolution, The Independent reported.

“We are approaching a time when machines will be able to outperform humans at almost any task. I believe that society needs to confront this question before it is upon us,” Professor Vardi said.

“I do believe that, by 2045, machines will be able to do a very significant fraction of the work a man can do. The following question, therefore, seems to be of paramount importance: if machines are capable of doing almost any work humans can do, what will humans do? You hear about the Google Car. There are millions of people who make a living from driving, like bus drivers and taxi drivers. What kind of jobs are going to replace them?” he added.

“There has been a decoupling of national wealth and household income, and there is reason to believe that automation is a major factor in this great decoupling. The changes in automation are nothing short of dramatic and we can really expect, for instance, that driving will be fully automated in the US in the next 25 years. Yet 10 percent of jobs in the US involve operating a vehicle. Many of these jobs will disappear,” Professor Vardi said.




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